September 16, 2014

The Reboot: Announcing NoGarlicNoOnions 2.0

NGNO 2.0 – Beirut’s Most Visited Food Blog, Reloaded

NoGarlicNoOnions 2.0 

NoGarlicNoOnions (NGNO) is Beirut’s premier destination for honest, objective restaurant, and food reviews. Started two years ago, NGNO has reviewed over 900 restaurants and hotels, discovered around 200 tasty foodie secrets, tasted 150 varieties of street food, and visited roughly 140 cities.

We’ve dealt with a few angry owners, traveled the world, gained 12 kilos over the years , answered over 2,000,000 questions from our community, and won a few awards on the way (Best Blog by Time-Out Beirut Readers and Best Food Blog Awards).

Now we are ready for bigger things and we’re going stronger than ever.

Today, we open a new chapter in the world of online food discovery by redefining the way you find your ultimate taste.

It’s time to announce NGNO 2.0:

NGNO 2.0 is a complete reinvention of Lebanon and the region's best online food blog.

It takes the site and community to a whole new level. NGNO 2.0 has not just taken its loyal readers and fans' feedback into consideration, but also aimed at turning the massive data we collected throughout the years into a rich and highly interactive and accessible medium.

We have implemented the very best of technologies with the help of Grind a digital media agency, to provide you with the most visual, easy to use, and interactive experience. The world’s changing, and so are we. With today's very busy and distracting world, we aimed to turn our website experience to a visual breeze accessible on any device, anywhere, and with minimal effort.

You can simply decide where to satisfy your taste buds with a quick look at our new tempting interface and enjoy a never ending stream of food suggestions.

For those more adventurous gourmets, you can take advantage of our new advanced features to find exactly what you want.
You can search for your cravings through our new interactive map view, or also using our new advanced filtering by location, cuisine type, recommended places, non-smoker friendly places, best rating, etc.

Reader’s will also find new features, new colors and new gimmicks through the creative work of Day.Dream – yet the same honest, objective writing, hosted in a new, vibrant platform that will spur engagement like no other.

At this time we’d like to thank all our fans and loyal readers for helping the NGNO reach where it is today… We listened and gave you what you asked for.

We hope the NGNO 2.0 site helps us keep to our high standards.


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