March 31, 2021

Anthony Rahayel: The Mission Continues...

I’m Anthony Rahayel, passionate Lebanese, a dental surgeon by profession, professional photographer, an advocate of great food, hospitality blogger, YouTuber, social media influencer, published author, google local guide, marketing expert, and TV presenter; having one and single aim, to spread happiness through food while connecting people together.

I have founded Lebanon’s street food market “Souk el Akel” and won the award of “World Street Food Blogger of 2019” and “World Best Food Account of 2020” among other achievements.

Since 2012 I’ve had a goal – To uncover the real face of Lebanon, not the one that makes headlines on international television shows, but the real, the amazing, traditional and authentic Lebanon. It is that Lebanon I seek to broadcast far and wide; A Lebanon full of life, passion, and vitality, full of people who are producing the most wonderful dishes where “Le2metna Btejma3na”.

The mission grew bigger, from Lebanon to the world, connecting cultures, finding heritage similarities, and inviting the youth to connect to their roots. Traveling across Lebanon, the Middle East, and other parts of the world, my aim is the find forgotten heroes, connect cultures, uncover hidden gems, document our rich heritage while empowering people, promoting Lebanon, and reuniting Arabs through their rich culture.

NoGarlicNoOnions with its food blog (15,000 articles to date), Youtube channel (255,000 subscribers & 2,500 videos published), Instagram account (250,000 followers & 35,000 photos published), google maps (1 billion views & 170,000 contributions), Facebook page (110,000 followers), TikTok account (175,000 followers) aims to spread happiness and share joy while documenting the richness of our heritage, roots, and culture on the net.

With every day that goes by and every discovery made and every new venture developed, the aim is one. My aim is to keep people connected to each other and to their roots, to make everyone enjoy, smile when they taste something good and unique, to discover the endless food artisans available across the world... creating a positive and rich environment that allows us all to embrace what we have and embrace life.

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