May 15, 2015

British Airways Business Class from Beirut to London

A great first impression, especially because I was sitting on an individual seat. I loved it, simply loved it. The business class cabin onboard British Airways on their Airbus 321 has twin seats like all other planes, as well as individual seats with free space on the sides.


The cabin has dark colors, dark blue carpets and brown sofas. Wood and stainless steel materials surrounding a brown fabric chair facing a large 17-inch screen. I felt like I was sitting in my own private space with my computer on one side, papers and jacket on the other... I really loved it. The seat setup is the way it is to allow the seats to recline completely so they lie flat. 

The staff is welcoming. With a smile on their face they welcomed us into the cabin, helped with the luggage and distributed the menus before takeoff. Jackets were taken from passengers in preparation for landing. The best part is that the screens were on and entertainment system is working from the minute you board.


The business seat:

  • Individually packed headphones distributed to each passenger.
  • An electrical plug as well as a USB hub.
  • A large screen.
  • A water bottle holder.
  • A reclining seat that forms a bed position.
  • A pillow and a bed cover wait to be unfolded.

On today's breakfast menu:

  • Chilled champagne and fruit juice.
  • An energizing fruit smoothie of seasonal fruit and banana.
  • Smoked salmon with cream cheese, cherry tomato and olives.
  • A selection of warm breads and breakfast pastries.
  • Traditional English breakfast of scrambled eggs, mini filet steak, chicken medallion, roasted potatoes, spinach and grilled cherry tomatoes.
  • French toast filled with apple, cinnamon and raisin compote with a citrus and caramel syrup.
  • Vegetable frittata with chunky Giants sauce, sautéed potatoes and sautéed mushrooms.
  • Continental breakfast featuring beef salami, grilled chicken and smoked turkey with peppers and kashkaval cheese, cheddar cheese, cucumber, cherry tomato, dried apricot and olives.


As the plane took off, a refreshing kit was distributed. Socks, toothpaste and a toothbrush, face and hand creams, ear plugs, a pen and lip balm. 

A water bottle followed and then drinks. Champagne, orange juice or smoothies. I had the smoothie which I loved. A thick consistency of fresh fruits with a touch of sweetness and lightness. Very refreshing. 

A hot wet napkin followed while we waited to be served.

Breakfast is served: A plate with three portions of salmon. Two cones filled with cream cheese and a third one wrapped like a flower. With that three choices of baked goods, a croissant, brown bread and a chocolate roll. On the side, a bowl of corn flakes which I enjoyed hearing crumble under my teeth. Butter and orange marmalade accompanied the tray as well. The English breakfast followed, a rectangular plate filled with scrambled eggs, meat, chicken and potatoes with spinach. The food is acceptable, the baked items tender and fresh and the service is good.

When I thought things are done, twenty minutes before landing, the hostess passed with a basket of goodies. Chips and chocolates to satisfy a last minute craving.

And one more surprise was waiting. Nuts and drinks before arrival.

Everything was great today, soothing, calm and comfortable seats, acceptable food, gifts and other little details that show care and attention to detail.   First time on British Airways and I like it.

We had a nice experience on the Beirut to London leg, but I'll wait to experience the way back before publishing my full review.






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