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Antonine University Spring Festival 2018: Souk el Akel, Zahle!
May 16, 2018

Zahle here we come... two days of endless fun, entertainment, great food ideas and the Universite Antonine Job Fair.


Ramadan Kareem





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British Airways; Experiencing All Classes in One Trip


May 13, 2018 | Reviews

British Airways, a famous airline with a complicated service -if I may call it, because of the excess security measures, seat choices and boarding procedures among others. Professional is the least that can be said with a priority called; “the…

The British Airways, JFK Terminal 7, New York: Dirty!


April 02, 2018 | Travel | USA

A quick walk through a small terminal under renovation before reaching the lounge. There are no significant food choices, but fridges filled with nylon wrapped cheap sandwiches a human wouldn’t eat; Few shopping choices, couple restaurants,…

British Airways Business Class on the Way Back to Beirut


June 04, 2015

Leaving Lebanon for London, I remember enjoying five short hours onboard British Airways' Airbus. It started well, ended well and made me count the hours until I could enjoy their lunchtime trip back to Beirut. British Airways' Business Class is…

British Airways Business Class from Beirut to London


May 15, 2015 | Travel

A great first impression, especially because I was sitting on an individual seat. I loved it, simply loved it. The business class cabin onboard British Airways on their Airbus 321 has twin seats like all other planes, as well as individual seats…

Turkish Airlines: The Best Airline in Europe: LOL


February 01, 2013 | Travel

As you might have noticed, this is the first time I use the chat phrase 'LOL'. Yes, unfortunately it's the first time because I simply couldn't find any other word to describe the situation and the actual feeling of wanting 'Laugh Out Loud' during…

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