April 02, 2018 New York USA Americas

The British Airways, JFK Terminal 7, New York: Dirty!

A quick walk through a small terminal under renovation before reaching the lounge. There are no significant food choices, but fridges filled with nylon wrapped cheap sandwiches a human wouldn’t eat; Few shopping choices, couple restaurants, tight corridors and then I accessed the lounge.


This is the first time in British Airways experiencing their transatlantic flights, and I’m honestly shocked not knowing where to start. The airport is under renovation and probably the lounge as well, and I understand, but the lack of professionalism, the dirtiness, the empty plates and the chaotic buffets is not something I expected from a company like British Airways.

Located in JFK Terminal 7, the lounge is open for business class passengers. It’s old; very old, sofas of all kinds and shapes, dimmed lights, no particular decor with a dining room where diners are served. It’s shocking to see dirty buffets, unattended bars, no music, no televisions... everything I never experienced with AirFrance.


Charging docks with cables dangling from all sides, dirty tables, broken electricity plugs... a spa that’s out of service, showers closed for the night; it’s really shocking for a business lounge.

At the end is the dining room where food is served before your flight. A wide choice of bowls, sandwiches, and plates with a generous display of cheeses. Enjoy a hefty meal before going immediately to sleep when boarding the plane.

It’s too dirty to be real!

I believe photos speak for themselves, especially picture of the walls decorated with shoes; check out what British Airways business class lounge has to offer hoping to see an upgrade in the near future.

Next time, I’m traveling AirFrance or Delta Airlines both better, more professional with their terminals, their lounges and their service.


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