June 26, 2017 Beirut Central District Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Burgundy: The Best Restaurant in Beirut, Lebanon Deserves an International Award
Non-smokers friendly
Fine Dining

Phone Number: +961 1 999820

Address: 752 Gouraud Street, Saifi Village, Beirut, Lebanon

Website: http://www.burgundybeirut.com

Price Range: 150-250 $

Sometimes, words are never enough to express the true intensity of a culinary experience. This is exactly how I felt after my experience at Burgundy. Welcome to Lebanon's finest: when reality turned into a trip to the land of wonders, a meal I'll remember for a long time. Lunch at Burgundy is one of the finest meals I've had to date, a two star Michelin experience at least.


Walk into a calm, peaceful and serenely dark space, that's softly lit. Listen to the faded music in the background, people's whispers... Look around and see the bar in action, while the owner walks around the tables with a large smile on his face and professional hostesses that welcome you in with style and character... This is Lebanon's best with no close competition.

Enter a restaurant, which I believe deserves a star from the Michelin legacy. A restaurant where every detail is mastered to perfection, where the chef thinks and breathes food, where the owner inspires confidence in what he believes in, and a restaurant that guarantees satisfaction, especially with a price tag that's high but justifiably so.


Leave your car with the valet before walking through the glass door, which leads to the restaurant. Behind the curtain, a wall of bottles protects the beautiful decor. A high ceiling and dimmed lighting, golden and metallic colors embraced by soothing tunes that will accompany you through the night. The tables are simple, built of light wood panels covered with dark fabrics place mats and topped with a full set of cutlery. Water glasses, wine glasses and silver forks and knives on white tablecloths, and a bread plate, finally Tannourine glass water bottles are brought around as needed.

As soon as you take your seat, you are asked what kind of water you prefer. Even water is served with style. Allow me to start with the details of perfection: the waiters at burgundy speak perfect French. The service is impeccable, so women are served first, older men follow, while I came last being the youngest at the table. They make sure the bread plate is always full. Plates arrive from the right side and leave from the left... These details elevate the experience to an unparalleled level: flawless.


Only at Burgundy: the menus distributed do not have the prices marked on them, except on that of the person hosting the meal. That's a fine dining detail rarely used at restaurants around the world and surely a premiere in Lebanon. The service is very professional and smooth. The waiters are well trained, they know exactly what they are doing yet act humbly giving you enough space to breathe.

The Chef: Chef Youssef Akiki is the man, the man behind all these beautiful photos. Here’s a chef who works following international standards, a chef who deserves a star for sure. Considering the fact that Le Guide Michelin is not in Lebanon and the Middle East, I would humbly allow myself to give him a virtual star myself. Chef, you have my greatest appreciation and respect. 


The food is outstanding, the flavors extravagant, the plates pieces of art, and the service is unique... the experience is truly unforgettable! Majestic is the least that can be said. From the first impression - the plates' colors and design - to each following moment; the rich aromas then the textures and finally the smile that is painted on your face without you even noticing.

To say it again, "The Restaurant" has no close competition in Lebanon. Burgundy is where you should have dinner at least once in your life.

The best restaurant in Lebanon is called Burgundy.

Suitable For: Fine Dining





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