June 21, 2015

Colorful Cookware Brightens Up Your Kitchen

Dari Home, a designer kitchenware brand brings customers a well-designed practical product. Each vessel is crafted with highest quality stainless steel bottom and handles that ensures safety while cooking at high temperatures. The engineering is done with the perspective of the customer. It is suitable for induction tops, electric stoves and traditional gas stoves.

Cookware set orange 8 Pcs (Price 670 AED)

We're liking their Multicolor cookware collection that's made for a full family kitchen, who loves to cook together and eat together. Each utensil is easy to store and easy to hold. It also allows even distribution of heat, reducing the danger of burning and overheating. It is available in 5 different colors; blue, cream, purple, orange and pink.


Categories: Food Gadgets


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