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  • 10 comments on “Dear Roadster: Wake UP and Smell the Competition!

    1. OMG was it me who wrote the comment? First, just like you, the delivery man forgot the forks and the pepsi. Didn’t want to send him back to bring it, I just stopped ordering from them.
      At Zalka branch I had the same experience. The waiters were just like you said: one telling the others, the place was noisy, very noisy I got headache when I left, I ordered salad then fish burger. The salad came 1hr later, and there was just a couple having lunch next to us. The fish burger was dry, and it tasted nothing like fishburger, and I got 5 french fries on the side, so I ordered a basket of fries and it took them forever to bring it. It was a disaster. I now prefer Crepaway because at least, competition made them improve, and not progress backwards :/

    2. Christie Harb on said:

      I’m an old student of AUST-Achrafieh and I have witnessed the opening of Roadster diner’s 1st branch just across the street. I became a fan of that place; I used to have either breakfast, lunch or dinner almost every day with my friends. The years passed by and today I’m still a customer at Roadster. I have visited almost all the branches where I enjoyed meals with my family in that place that I considered to be the number 1 diner in Lebanon……I’ve been impressed all these years that they have kept the same quality of food and they have improved a lot. The menu is a success in itself.
      But, there is always a but unfortunately, today there are two major issues that are annoying me:
      First of all the prices has gone way high vs. portions which are getting smaller and smaller for example take the nachos or the fries…….Where are the old loaded nachos platters?? The fully Cheddar French fries baskets?? The portions of extra dips like guacamole, sour cream, cocktail sauce specially when you order a delivery have become so small that you have to order so many of them to accompany your meal and you pay a lot for that too……. Sometimes I compare them to my baby’s food containers which are a bit bigger :) !!
      Second the service is becoming too slow and poor and is getting worse.
      I had a very bad experience last Friday, it was the Eid on Aug 9th, I went to ABC Dbayeh to have lunch with my family. We arrived at 3:15pm and the place inside was crowded, we couldn’t sit at the terrace also because it was too hot and my 1 year old son was with me so we asked the waiter to be seated inside the Dome of ABC; he gently answered “please wait a moment until we clean a table”. I hadn’t pay attention to the existing mess until he mentioned this sentence! All tables were left with dirty plates and leftovers, the floor was extremely dirty and on top of that the AC was not working. Not a single table was ready to welcome new customers.
      Waiters were bumping into each others, running all over the place, no one paid attention to us. We waited for about 15 min until finally a waiter came and cleaned a table so we can be seated.
      After we got the menu, it took another waiter 10 minutes to get us the drinks, the starters and our order a way later and not at the same time, so some of us had to start to eat before others.
      We weren’t satisfied at all of that lunch, we wished we went elsewhere
      I tried to find an excuse that day and say to myself that maybe because it was a holiday and it was very crowded or maybe there were not enough waiters, but honestly with all the competition around no excuses are to be found.
      Hoping that Roadster management would take those remarks into consideration.


    3. What was once my favorite diner has now become an insignificant “hang out” place for teen agers..

      Roadster you laterally need to wake up and smell the coffee.

      I was one of your first customers in Ashrafieh and when you started expanding , Jal el Dib became our headquarters for breakfast lunch and dinner and in my case a few business meetings on weekly basis .

      Where do I start?

      The crowd: You seriously need to pick your customers I’m not saying you shouldn’t be accessible to all the age ranges all I’m saying Is that you are now classified as a “birthday “venue for teen agers.

      Noise: Please work on you music selection as well as the non stop cutlery and dish clinging that might push you to have a nervous breakdown right then and there!!

      Menu: Don’t insult our intelligence using pictures of meals you can’t offer…

      Taste: In my dictionary your ranking dropped from number 1 to number. …something since I’ve stopped visiting you!

      Delivery: Where do I start?!! More than half a dozen times we’ve ordered deliveries to either the office or our homes and not once were we satisfied with the service let alone the quality and taste.

      And yes we called and complained and what we got was “We’re really sorry it won’t happen again, please feel free to order anytime and it’s on us “guys we don’t need you to take care of the bill, or offer us free dessert every time you mess up.

      What I need is good food and good service for the price I’m paying and let me tell you it doesn’t come cheap anymore.

      So Roadster come back to planet earth completion will eat you up if you keep going at this rate!!

    4. Danielle Bassil on said:

      Roadster Diner… The end of an era indeed!!
      I couldn’t agree more Roadster Diner is not what it used to be. Modern practices are put in place every day but the heart of a diner is its service level and the taste or quality of the food. Roadster was the pioneer but unfortunately they’re dropping the ball to say the least! Visit Crepaway and notice the improvements there… Such tight competition leaves no room for error and the residual ego from past glory makes Roadster blind to the numerous slips in basic services. I can name at least 50 people in my direct circle that have had bad experiences with Roadster in the past year. Many of us were no. 1 fans… Roadster raised the bar high for themselves, the least they can do is keep up!

      • Dear Danielle,

        We apologize for any inconveniences that may have occurred in an Roadster diner branch.

        Please note that we would like to hear more from you. Could you kindly provide us with your contact info in order for us to follow up with you?

        Could you please send it to socialmedia@roadsterdiner.com

        thank you so much

        Hady C
        Rd Community Manager

        • Marc K on said:

          Dear RD,
          Still you are the number one dining in Lebanon.
          We have to know that we cannot compare RD to other restaurants.
          As you need to open more branches around Jbeil and Batroun and North places.
          Your Route 66 Burger is Magnificant and soooooo delicious.
          Everything in your menu is delicious.
          N.B you have to improve yourself by adding the quantity of fries on yr basket fries.
          Otherwise, keep on your hard work.
          4ever we will grow together :) and you will always stay the best

    5. Thank you Hady C for your reply… You guys are great at replying to customers’ feedback and I will be coming back to Roadsters, trust me. It is my favorite diner in Lebanon – don’t worry…

      As for others, you are free to give your opinion about Roadster, just the same way I am free to do so. No need for any attitude please… So-called review or what not? It’s a review of what I have experienced.

      In answer to Blog Baladi, who’s reply I appreciate – I have been a loyal Roadster goer for over 10 years also… Every week my friends and I go and order the same thing each time… I’m not talking just for the sake of taking… I order Roadster to the office twice a week and for the past 10 years… I am not talking about the average mistake of forgetting a sauce or what not… I see a change and I am not the only one… Your experience is different than mind and therefore my opinion will be different of course.

      I was not there on a weekend, it was a wednesday, and what I wrote was not at all based on just a couple of encounters, but many many others. I know and love Roadster just as much as the next person, but it’s ok to point out things about a place I like. It’s like telling someone you love to shape up… especially when they are comfortable and know that the majority of people love them…

    6. Dear Raphael,
      The section called “Friends&Co” where the website transforms into blue is dedicated for the loyal readers of NGNO to write what they please.
      Those reviews published in the reader’s name do not reflect my opinion.
      Waiting for your reviews soon

    7. Dear G.H,

      We would first like by apologize for all the inconveniences you have faced. We sincerely thank you for your feedback and will be sharing them, point by point with all the necessary parties.

      Would you kindly be willing to send us your contact info to socialmedia@roadsterdiner.com in order for us to follow up with you?


      Hady C
      Rd Community Manager

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