June 29, 2014 Lebanon Middle East

Guilt Free Chips: Baked Apples (Discontinued)

Last Sunday, I spent a day at Bioland Farms. This little piece of heaven nestled in the heart of Batroun mountains where fresh and organic produce from the land are sold. Surrounded with nature, you already feel healthy... As I walked around discovering the place, one item caught my attention: Baked Apple Chips.


Bioland's concept is simple: “from farm to fork”. I think it says it all. The products of Bioland are sold at the Beirut shop in Achrafieh as well as in the village of Sghar, where the farm is and distributed to a few locations around the country like “A New Earth”, the organic shop. While touring around the premisses, Henry the owner opened a small bag of what looked like chips... a favorite among most of us. He asked me to taste. Ouf! Unbelievable! Colorful slices of baked apples - enjoyable to the last bite.


A Guilt free snack: The baked apple chips are slightly chewy with a fine and enjoyable sweetness. Start with one crunch and you're hooked. You won't be able to stop, but that's okay, these chips are fat free healthy snacks. Each bag is 60grams. Don't think twice, eat the whole bag. I did! Would it be possible to do them at home? Let us know if it works and what is the proper baking method.

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