February 08, 2020


An interview with a celebrity food blogger of Lebanon Anthony Rahayel about Lebanese Cuisine

Anthony Rahayel ( Instagram A/c – nogarlicnoonions ) is a passionate Lebanese food lover, blogger, you tuber, influencer and TV presenter. He works in according to one sole aim, showcasing Lebanese cuisine to the world.  

NoGarlicNoOnions is Anthony’s food blog where he aims to discover the professional chefs and cooks working to spread joy across the country by cooking the most authentic Lebanese dishes. His wants to keep people connected to each other and to their roots, to make everyone smile when they taste something good and unique, to discover the endless food artisans across the country creating a positive and rich environment that allows them all to embrace life. 

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Q.) What is the story behind your blog’s name “ NoGarlicNoOnion? 

Anthony :- I’m allergic to both ingredients. 

Q.) Describe Lebanese cuisine in your own words? 

Anthony :-  Simply: “The Sexiest cuisine on Earth”. It’s full of colours, flavors, nutrients, richness, variety, passion and love.  

Q.) Which ingredients or dishes best define Lebanese cuisine ? 

Anthony :- Manakish, Hummus and Tabbouleh. 

Q.) What is Mezze all about ? 

Anthony :- Mezze is all about sharing happiness before even talking about food. More than 72 plates fill a table of Mezze where people gather for the feast of sharing happiness, good food and great stories.  

Q.) Does the history of Lebanon make Lebanese food popular in Middle Eastern cuisine? 

Anthony:- Lebanon is one of the oldest countries on earth, and one which has witnessed all kinds of occupations. Inspired by the cuisines of the world, the Lebanese have taken from everyone, copied from their neighbors and turned every dish into a gourmet creation adding style and finesse. Due to the land variety, weather and generosity of people, the food has always been unique. 

Q.) Lebanese food is very healthy, instead of butter or cream people use olive oil in food, fresh food ingredients are used while cooking any dish. What do you have to say about it? 

Anthony :- It is the healthiest; it’s vegan, it’s vegetarian and it uses healthy natural ingredients. That’s why the world considers Mediterranean diets to be the healthiest. 

Q.) Why is breads so famous in Lebanese food? 

Anthony :- Due to old times, war, occupations, bread was used to satisfy hunger. This is why bread got to a point where they used it everywhere. Lebanon has many varieties of bread like Saj, MarkoukTannour, Flatbread, Tolmiyyeh… Thin, fresh, light-bodied and “kind of healthy” bread. 

Q.) If travelers visit Lebanon , which Lebanese food should they opt for ? 

Anthony :- Mezze and traditional homemade food which few restaurants serve. 

Q.) According to you, which places are best to have the Lebanese cuisine? 

Anthony :- Lebanon is full of restaurants where you can find a good Lebanese cuisine like  

Mhanna Sur Mer Restaurant, which is famous for seafoodUmmi RestaurantBabel Bay Restaurant where you can find Lebanese Seafood with a Classy TwistRestaurant Al Halabi.

Q.) Why do Lebanese people still use a traditional style of cooking ? 

Anthony :- Due to its 1300 villages, traditional way of living, family concept and lifestyle. Due to its mountains, quality of the land and four seasons. Due to the richness of the land and ingredients we have, and because of its rich historical past.  

Q.) What advice would you give to motivate someone to visit Lebanon ? 

Anthony :- I honestly don’t have to do much. I’ll ask them to watch my videos! Thousands of people message me monthly after their visits to Lebanon thanking me for the videos and how it made them change their wrong beliefs. 

Thanks Anthony Rahayel for giving me your interview. I hope after reading this you all will now be in love with the healthiest cuisine in the world, Lebanese cuisine. Enjoy your Lebanon trip with real Lebanese food! 

By: Rida Khan ( Instagram A/c – aviationauthor.ridakhan ) 


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