July 12, 2012

Lebanon’s Restaurants Hubs 102: Zaitunay Bay
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Many of you are wondering about this new project, everyone is talking about: "Zaitunay" Some pronounce it Zaytouna, I don't know why, and others Zaytoune. The developers have spelled it Zaitunay, so I think we should follow that pronunciation.

Anyway, that's besides the point. Many of us have tried it and here I would love your input and suggestions... Many have complained about the traffic caused at the bay's parking and the 45 minutes waiting for your car at the valet after you've finished... And the summer season is not here yet - that is when the 'beep' will hit the fan hard... I think they better organize this issue before it's too late. Should we try it? Which restaurants are open there? Do we have to reserve? What's the quality? These are but a few of the many questions we have. I had a meeting one afternoon this week. The weather was great, blue skies, soothing winds... I had my camera and strolled down the pay passing by the 17 different restaurants that are open... along with a few retail shops. The choice is wide and the possibilities you can experience at lunch and dinner everyday of the week are endless. (More detailed reviews coming soon)

What you need to know though is that Zaitunay Bay is located on the Beirut Marina and named after this once famous Zaitunay area – "which is rightfully earning the reference of “carré d’or “ of Beirut – Zaitunay Bay is much more than just a promenade." Zaitunay Bay is pedestrian. No cars, just the beautiful sea, the luxurious yachts and the carefully selected variety of cuisines from that include Lebanese, International, Italian, Fusion... and much more...

Farouk Kamal, the current chairman of BWD had said once that this project has added a new tourist destinations project, Lebanon has now a new touristic destination, creating new jobs and bolstering the economy into one reminiscent of Beirut glorious past. Apparently numerous festivals and open air activities are set to take place this summer... that along with the wide choice of restaurants available, there's definitely a place to visit this summer...  

Venues you can experience at the bay (as described by the developers) MOTI MAHAL.

Moti Mahal was founded more than five decades ago and has brought about a paradigm change in people’s mind about “dining out”. Keeping the changing tastes of time and preserving the traditions of fine tandoori flare, the passion for the very best has superseded all that is mundane and trivial, bringing forth the essence of Hospitality with an obsession in culinary gastronomic Indian Cuisine and the best of Tandoor. Today Moti Mahal marches ahead with confidence to light the path for those who would like to share their success and glory Monti Mahal, Zaitunay Bay, + 961-1-371002 COZMO

Cozmo in name, Cosmopolitan in style. Cozmo Café serves up an international menu including a wide variety of delicacies, drinks, coffee and desserts. Also, a unique Asian conveyor adds a quality to the already entertaining dining experience of the concept. Whether you’re there for lunch, dinner or an afternoon coffee, Cozmo Café will tickle your taste buds while you relish and relax near the beautiful Mediterranean. Cozmo, Zaytunay Bay, +961-1-361650 AMARRES

Amarres is inspired by the famous bistros and cafés of the Cote d’Azur. Bringing the effortless elegance of the French Riviera to Beirut’s Zaitunay Bay, Amarres is owned and run by the same team behind Couqley. With a cosy interior and a beautiful terrace just meters from the Mediterranean edge, Amarres is a relaxed Bistro and Café serving traditional French cuisine and a selection of viennoiserie, coffees and light meals for breakfast and throughout the afternoon. Amarres, Zaitunay Bay, +961-1-372292 HÄAGEN-DAZS

At the heart of every Häagen-Dazs ice cream recipe there is always fresh cream, fresh pasteurized eggs yolks, skim milk and sugar. Then we add just like we always have, the purest and finest ingredients. Häagen-Dazs shop developed a sophisticated palate, where indulgent flavors & unique creations have set Häagen-Dazs apart: flavors like Strawberry Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Dulce de Leche and Macadamia Nut Brittle, a multi-layered flavor sensation inspired by the most luscious desserts of the world. Häagen-Dazs, Zaitunay Bay, +961-1-369930 PAUL

Paul is a French bakery founded in 1889, which offers more than fourty different fresh traditionally baked bread. Come and experience the French art de vivre on the border of the Mediterranean Sea, through a selection of patisserie and viennoiserie, and taste our fresh gourmet coffee and tea. Paul, Zaitunay Bay, +961-1-369123 ST. ELMO’S SEASIDE BRASSERIE

An escape from the dreary restaurant grind, St. Elmo’s serves elevated pub grub in a casual, retro-urban, seaside setting. Packed with ‘crowd pleasing fare’, the look is simultaneously rough and quaint, in a struggling-artist sort of way. Specializing in down-home dishes like rich & gooey mac-and-cheese, the classic fish & chips and a variety of other sudo-traditional foodstuffs, St. Elmo’s has managed to capture the elusive mix of style and spirit of ‘the perfect day at the beach’. St.Elmo's, Zaitunay Bay, +961-1-367356 SIGNOR SASSI

Signor Sassi is an iconic Italian restaurant known for its original simple Italian food and the atmosphere that is talked about worldwide. Committed to the truest taste, finest food quality and accompanied with regal implacable service. The menu at Signor Sassi is a mix of exquisite platters and signature Italian dishes that suit all choices, only to be matched by the divine desert selection. The restaurants sophisticated décor turns the place into the perfect venue for lunch or dinner to meet its clientele expectations. Signor Sassi, ZaytunayBay, +961-1-369930 CAPPUCCINO

A new aroma in Zaitunay Bay, Cappuccino Grand Café from Palma De Mallorca Spain and a leader in establishing their concept in all famous harbors in Europe and Middle East is opening its doors. You can go at any time and enjoy our delicious international breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner and listen to smooth jazz and enjoy our DJ at night while drinking a refreshing cocktail. Come and experience our concept in a luxury, exquisite, elegant and friendly way. Cappuccino, Zaitunay Bay, +961-1-371012 LINA’S

With eleven outlets across Lebanon, Lina’s is more than just a sandwich restaurant, giving fast food elegance & style. Lina’s, with its warm and welcoming décor, is a venue to share a relaxing moment while enjoying one of your favorite meals made from exclusive recipes & fresh ingredients, prepared in a hygienic setting in front of the customer. Lina's, Zaitunay Bay, +961-1-379987 THE COFFEE BEAN & TEA LEAF

For more than 40 years, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has remained true to its vision: To bring our customers the most extraordinary collection of coffees & teas from the world’s most exclusive growing estates. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has developed the finest resources in roasting techniques, retailing know-how and innovative trends setting for coffee and tea beverages. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Zaitunay Bay, +961-3-72015 SALMONTINI

A new unconventional mood, menu and design concept from Salmontini la Maison du Saumon The newly developed concept to come out of La Maison du Saumon, located in the heart of Beirut Marina – Zaitunay Bay, gives you a St. Tropez feel while dining on the terrace, serving up daily specials and fresh caught fish.” Salmontini, Zaitunay Bay, +961-1-990777 ZABAD

Zabad is the result of 12 years of passionate work by the world renowned chef Karim Haidar on a new Lebanese cuisine. In an evanescent environment, Karim creates a world of flavors, textures & unexpected, yet familiar tastes. The menu reflects the Chef’s vision of his native Lebanon after 25 years spent abroad: contemporary, refined, inspired. Zabad, Zaitunay Bay, +961-1-376640 CRO MAGNON

CroMagnon marks the arrival of the boisterous ‘American Glamour Steakhouse’ serving gargantuesque portions of USDA Prime Beef, bold cabernets, premium cigars and an impressive array of fresh shellfish. This white-cloth eatery is certain to be a destination hotspot for ‘Surf n’ Turfers’ boasting an ambitious portfolio of International wine, a retail butcher, live jazz, an oyster bar, a fellini-esque theatre kitchen and an attentive and informed service staff that will tend to your every whim. CroMagnon, Zaitunay Bay, +961-1371276 MYWATERFRONT

St. Tropez meets New York Champagne Bar. Whether its drinks at sunset, Sunday brunch or Friday evening cocktails, mywaterfront; from the creators of the award winning mybar; will be the perfect venue. A very sophisticated design with a large outside terrace. MyWaterfront, Zaitounay Bay, +961-7-608999 CLASSIC BURGER JOINT

Flame-grilled with passion, Classic Burger Joint serves burgers that cook up a gourmet storm. We only serve real burgers and their essential homemade fries and salads! Blending great quality with outstanding value, our homemade luxury burgers transform this timeless classic into a connoisseur’s delight. Classic Burger Joint, Zaitunay Bay, +961-1-373979 BABEL Bay

“Embark on a Journey of tastes that take you into a savory world of temptations, embracing culture and flavor. Babel’s offering at Zaitunay Bay is an innovative and unique approach to Mediterranean Lebanese Cuisine. The whole food experience is complemented by an extensive and enticing selection of international spirits and wines, making Babel a ‘do-not-miss’ spot on the Marina.” Babel Bay, Zaitunay Bay, +961-1-370846 KARAM AL BAHR

The prestigious KARAM Beirut is introducing a new concept: KARAM Al-Bahr. Not only this Lebanese fish restaurant is located at Beirut’s newest all-year round destination, Zaitunay Bay, but it is also stationed in a coincidental location for KARAM’s restaurateur. In fact, KARAM Al-Bahr will be taking on the legacy of previous KARAM, the family’s restaurant that was present in “Hayy el Zaitunay” over 60 years ago. By the beautiful Mediterranean, it is the perfect venue for lunch or dinner where one can enjoy a wide range of fresh fish and exquisite Lebanese dishes.
Karam Al-Bahr, Zaitunay Bay, +961-1-360777
Art meets fun, good food. coffee and entertainment at the Bay.
L'Atelier Art Lounge, Zaitunay Bay, +96-1-1370181
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