November 06, 2015 New York USA Americas

Manousheh New York: Lebanon's Breakfast Ambassador
Non-smokers friendly

Phone Number: +1 347 971 5778

Address: 193 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012, United States


Price Range: 5-15 $

Zaatar with Labneh and a Ayran yogurt drink, akkawi cheese, spinach, labneh and maamoul... Manoushe New York is your little bit for Lebanon in the Big Apple. I have been here before and I am back now because their manoushe, which are to die for.


A glass door opens on a stylish bakery with a touch of authenticity. An oven and its strong fire, smells of baked Zaatar and fresh bread, Lebanese coffee and fun, lots of positive vibes.

Naji welcomed us into this little piece of heaven called Manousheh. I simply feel great when I walk in.

I'm not sure how they do it but their manakish are even better than a thousand bakeries back home. The Zaatar and avocado might be my favorite. The bread is first baked than spread with Zaatar, decorated with tomatoes, avocado and mint leaves. Oh what a sandwich! You'll be proud to get your friends and introduce them to the best of Lebanon at Manoushe.

Spinach fatayer was today's special. A sabanegh triangle with a crunchy dough and a generous stuffing of madness. Extremely juicy spinach with tomatoes and onions. I couldn't resist having a bite and it felt so good. 


The labneh is excellent. 

Halawa for dessert, the same chewy Lebanese flat bread stuffed with halawa. You can't imagine the feeling when I bit into it, here in New York. Bananas would have made it even tastier. 

With that I had a Laban Ayran drink, a Karoun yogurt drink, half a bottle, lemony and strong...  delicious!


Come and meet Naji, Naji is the man, the baker and the passionate Lebanese who works from his heart to please and show the true flavors of Lebanon. With a background in cooking back in Lebanon and an experience with Tawlet in Beirut, Naji has managed to have a tender and fluffy dough, amazing ingredients and awesome flavors.

We ended breakfast with a special dessert Naji called Kashta but is in fact more of a mouhallabiya or Kashtaliyyeh topped with honey and decorated with avocado. You won't believe that you're eating something that authentic and traditionally Lebanese in New York. 


Try the maamoul. They're very good for New York.

Breakfast for 5 cost $50. Which is reasonable for New York; we surely didn't leave hungry. 

Manoushe New York is a guaranteed enjoyment when you visit the city.





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