April 19, 2014 Hamra & Verdun Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Minis: One Bite Leads to a Whole New Sandwich (Restaurant Closed)

Meeting up with some friends who live near American University of Beirut, we headed down to Minis, a fresh new diner covered in red and yellow – two of NGNO’s favorite colors. As the name suggests, Minis is a concept that serves mini sandwiches. You can enjoy more than 59 different sandwiches in a fun and colorful atmosphere.
As we walked in, we were welcomed by one of the owners who enthusiastically walked us through the concept. The first impression was great.
The place described:
  • Welcome: You'll see a red door and red signboard that light up the streets
  • An attractive yellow painted wall filled with decorative items on your left will cheer you up instantly
  • On your right you will find a grey painted wall with more decorative items
  • The big red bus which hosts the kitchen and cashier is the star item in this place
  • Facing the entrance towards the end of the place you’ll find a large poster of the London life, a phone cabin and some street action
  • A variety of high and low wood tables fill the space. Colorful stools and chairs are placed around them. Three rectangular tables inside can welcome you for a fun experience, while the high tables are ready to welcome those in a hurry...
  • Grey tiles cover the floor

The menu:

  • Classic Sandwiches
  • Premium Sandwiches
  • Light Sandwiches
  • Sweet Sandwiches
  • Beverages
  • Sides
  • Milkshakes
At the bottom of the menu you'll find a choice of three meals, each containing four sandwiches: the veggie, the light and the signature, or go for five and get some complementary homemade chips. The concept:
  • Order any sandwich you like and pay between 1,000L.L and 4,000L.L for each depending on its filling
  • Choose one of the preset meals priced at 7,500L.L, 9,500L.L or 11,500L.L
  • Buy five and have enjoy their homemade chips free of charge
The bell rang, our sandwiches were ready, it was time to eat.

The sandwiches were exquisite. Imagine eating and enjoying a variety of different sandwiches each filled with different ingredients. I enjoyed one filled with tomato paste which felt like pizza, followed by halloumi in brown bread, then a caramelized steak sandwich with mustard sauce and soft caramelized onions and then another filled with fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes...and.... I may not be able to go extensively into the details of each sandwich, but I can tell you that each one was special and rich in taste. You start by enjoying the golden color of a small bun ... followed by the sound of a slight crunch just before your taste buds start playing it's role... Inside is a generous portion of rich and fresh ingredients that can be enjoyed on an average of four bites each... The second you finish you're automatically inclined to pick the second, third and fourth...

The pluses:
  • All sandwiches are tasty
  • The buns are fresh and crunchy
  • I loved the idea of serving Pepsi mini cans - fits the concept perfectly
The minuses:
  • Small flags should be placed on every sandwich. This way we know what we're eating. These flags are often used with small burger bites and they work perfectly
  • It's too hot inside: please put on the Air Conditioning
Despite the fact that I was full (A long day of tasting) I couldn't but taste five of the 11 sandwiches we ordered. They were really good.
I loved the concept and I loved the food. I surely encourage you to try it.





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