June 01, 2016

Paris-Beirut on the Newly Refurbished A777-300ER

I was one of the first to try the new plane which AirFrance calls “Cabine Best”. It's no other than the world's most famous plane, the Boeing 777 revised with the latest technologies to fit the 21st century, something many airlines didn't even consider yet. This morning, I travel on economy class from Paris to Beirut.


The main features of this plane are its new seats, enough legroom, large touch-screens, a USB plug as well as an electricity plug in economy! Yes, you can know use your computer on long flights. I wish and surely hope these planes will be used on flights like Seoul, Lima or any long distance trip, removing the old ones as soon as possible. The best plane is the one with cocoon seats in business class.

I was happy about the details specially after my last 12 hours flight in economy with KLM. The differences are shocking! A food menu is distributed onboard AirFrance, headphones are relaxing to the ears and you’re even offered an eye mask for a better sleep, screens are wide and easy to browse completely different than the ones on KLM which I fought with during my entire flight.

Legroom is the best part as well as the level of seat reclining. At first I though I was dreaming. My long legs went under the seat in front of me, seat went back probably 20 degrees and I was ready to sleep. A welcoming crew, surely good food like always, a rich entertainment system as I was ready to fly for the next four hours.


Mushroom crepe with béchamel sauce or pineapple-raspberry pudding with Apple compote. The tray is generously filled with two slices of cheese and a slice of ham, orange juice, white cheese, fruit compote, two balls of bread, jam and butter.

Had the crepe with is well coked, bathing in its béchamel sauce, it offers a light saltiness, a tender crepe, firm mushrooms tough a good taste. Had a coffee, sparkling water and watched Mr.Holmes.

Comparing KLM to AirFrance, the last one is way better. Traveling to Beirut, I'll surely choose Air France.





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