April 01, 2018 Doha Qatar GCC Middle East

Qatar International Airport: Grandiose, is the Least That Can Be Said

Grandiose, indeed grandiose! A huge structure, a superb technological breakthrough, led screens, designs and endless shopping choices, this place is an experience you can live not only for hours but days. From the long escalators leading to the duty-free all the way to the gate, there will be something to occupy your curiosity; shopping, lounges, cafes and restaurants, the experience is memorable.


Enjoying the moment and appreciating the beauty of this flying hub, I took hundreds of photos, filling this review with every potential shopping or food choice you might crave.


State of the art, because of its shopping choices, big led screens, innovative design, wooden ceiling, lights, reflective surfaces and marble floor among many other details that make you feel in a five stars’ hotel lobby. Spring only two hours between flights, I took more than a hundred and fifty photos for my google maps review.


I love the wood, the reflective surfaces, the big letters shoring the gates names, the shopping choices, the lounges, the professionalism of service, the food choices and the general design that makes one walk around in a circle to discover it all without taking the same path twice.

I have a new favorite airline; it’s called Qatar Airways.

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