November 21, 2015


Recettes de Vie recognizes the humble heroes who are changing thousands of lives.

Started in 2006, the Recettes de Vie’s social initiative is more than a cooking book, it is an idea based on sharing and giving. Recettes de Vie is the outcome of friends offering their best culinary secrets, people working together and generous sponsors. 100% of the book’s proceeds are donated to non-political and non-religious charities in Lebanon and in the region.

Recettes de Vie has so far donated a total of US$220.000 (330 million LBP) to more than 20 charities.

After a successful first edition that enabled us to donate $100,000 back in 2009, Recettes de Vie 2 was launched in 2014 in Dubai, London, Paris, Beirut and Singapore.

Maissa Abou Adal Ghanem & Ghia Khayat Hawari wanted to shed light on the humble heroes who are changing the lives of women and children in desperate need. Recettes de Vie 2 distributed another US$120,000 (180 million LBP) to 12 charities supporting causes from the fight against abuse, healthcare support and education: Afel, Amour et Partage, Bassma, Chance, Dar Al Amal, Include, Lebanese Autism Society, Lebanese Red Cross, Myschoolpulse, Oum El Nour, Sesobel and Teach For Lebanon. Each charity received US$10,000 (15 million LBP) allowing the organization to develop a specific project presented to the audience on Thursday November 12th, 2015 at Les Caves de Taillevent, in Beirut.

Maissa & Ghia are thankful to all the people around them who made this dream a reality and helped them to repeat this success story after just one year. In these difficult times, they expressed their hope in seeing more people donating directly to those charities or using the festive season to offer the book to the friends and family and by this, helping charities. Recettes de Vie is a unique gift for a great cause filled with love and emotion! 

RDV Charities Nov 20152

About Recettes de Vie:

The concept of Recettes de Vie was born with the advent of the Lebanese turmoil in 2006. “We were trying to unify Lebanese citizens in a time of crisis in the Middle East and food unites people”. This is not just a literary venture; it’s also a humanitarian one with 100 % of the proceeds distributed to charities that support women and children in Lebanon and in the region. 

The formula is simple: a cooking book made of delicious recipes from family and friends around the world, the support of amazing sponsors and a human chain of volunteers who have made the dream come true.

Recettes de Vie 1 was published in 2008 with this desire to unify around the culinary world. The necessity to pen the second edition came with the Syrian war and the desperate needs of NGO’s absorbing more demand. Recettes de Vie 2 was launched in 2014 with a new structure and design. The values of sharing and giving, the wish to help the community and leave a legacy to the children are the core of the Recettes de Vie initiative. 

RDV Charities Nov 2015

The success of Recettes de Vie was recognized at the Gourmand Best in the World Competition in China with the book winning the 3rd prize under the chapter Asia Charity Fund Raising Book. Recettes de Vie 2, reveals family and friends’ culinary secrets that have been passed down from generation to generation. Available in both French and English, Recettes de Vie 2 offers a discovery of the hidden recipes of more than 200 ‘chefs’ and an embarkation on an unforgettable culinary journey around the world. Recettes de Vie is, ultimately, the result of people working together. Recettes de Vie is more than a collection of recipes, it's a gathering of love.

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