December 17, 2013 Paris France Europe

RECH: Alain Ducasse's Approach to Seafood
Fine Dining

Phone Number: +33 1 45 72 41 60

Address: 62 avenue des Ternes 75017 Paris, France


Price Range: 130-170 $


Welcoming: 5/5

Food Temperature: 9/10

Ambiance / Music: 8.5/10

Menu Choice: 5/5

Food Taste: 26/30

Architecture / Interior: 9/10

Food presentation: 9/10

Service: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10

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The French capital is a heaven for me - well when it comes to good food, among other things. I recently had the chance to enjoy a true fine dining experience in an establishment that deserves a Michelin star. Everything was close to perfection at Rech - the welcoming, service, ambiance, food as well as desserts. Everything was mastered to perfection.
Created in 1925, Rech has become a must go to if you're looking for to enjoy some seafood. Grown to become an institution over the years, Rech gained a new impulsion in 2007 with Alain Ducasse. Today, Rech welcomes you in a brand new decor to enjoy the cuisine of Adrien Trouilloud and Jacques Maximin. Bright colors and wooden details are here to reveal the soul of the place. The story of Rech: In the 1920’s, a lot of Alsatians came to Paris to open seafood restaurants. Places like the Brasserie Wepler, Maison de l’Alsace, Lorraine, Baumann and Rech illustrated this phenomenon. At this time, only white wines from Alsace as Sylvaner or Riesling were considered to match perfectly with seafood, and restaurants use to propose their local family Alsatians wines.

The day's catch is what you see as you walk in - just before you enter the restaurant. Choose to sit on the ground floor or up on the mezzanine. I  chose to sit on the upper level, which I found to be cozier. But mind you, the smell from the open kitchen will haunt you all night long. The place is enchanting yet simple. Imagine a white space filled with marine inspired items. You feel like you're sitting on the deck of a ship.

The place:
  • A display of seafood is setup on the sidewalk
  • The restaurant has two floors. A brasserie ambiance on the lower. You will notice a long bar filled with champagne bottles and an upper one with its round tables and dimmed lighting
  • A sea ambiance relaxes your senses... you feel like you're sitting on a boat
  • Dimmed lighting embraces the place
  • Round tables decorate the upper floor while square one fill the lower space
  • A bar to the right displays magnum champagne bottles, a coffee machine and the wine selection
  • Mirrors, make the place look bigger are filled with writings from the menu's propositions
  • Paper lanterns pending from the ceiling
  • Wood parquet floor
  • Take the stairs to go up, an open kitchen is on the left
  • There are two dining rooms, one of which is a big dining square table that can host large groups
The table setup:
  • Blue ceramic bread plate with a white tablecloth
  • Fork, knife and spoon placed on white stones from the seashores
  • Salt wood dispenser as well as a silver pepper mill
  • Silver water bottle stand
  • White carton menu
  • Brown leather wine list
"If you chose to order the oysters, dear gentlemen, do not try to find any pearls as they are already on the table," said the manager with a serious look.
Dinner started with a complementary amuse bouche: Royal de champignons, velouté chaud de hommard. Two thick slices of black truffles, served with thin slices of fresh mushrooms in a red sauce. I enjoyed the flavors of this creation and its spicy aftertaste, all served in a small porcelain bowl.
We were offered champagne to start in beautiful cups where champagne fills the stand of the glasses.
The menu:
  • Plateau de fruits de mer pour deus personnes
  • Assiette de fruits de mer
  • Plateau royal
  • Assiete de crustaces
  • Le meilleur de Jacques Maxim
  • Huitres, crustaces et coquillages
  • Entrees
  • Poissons, coquillages et crustaces
  • Poissons entiers
  • Viande et volaille
  • Fromage
  • Desserts
Since we ordered the Seafood Royal Platter, the table was prepared accordingly with the right forks and knives needed to plunge into this rich selection: Oyster forks, crab tongue, a crab fork, fish spoon, knife, fork.
We enjoyed tonight:
  • Sole de Ligne Epaisse Doree au Beurre, Pommes Rate Rissoles: For two 130euros: The sole, which is part of the flatfish family of fish was well cooked and covered with olive oil, salted butter and served along mashed potatoes and black truffles. It was not my favorite. The fish is too oily and fatty while the potatoes feel heavy
  • Saint Pierre de Petit Bateau Entier au Four, petites Girolles: For two 124euros: The John Dory fish, and other fish at Rech are provided by Gill Gegaut, a famous fisherman from the Brittany region. Simple yet perfectly cooked, the fish is seasoned with smoked romarin and a mushroom reduction. This plate has very interesting flavors and a rich moist texture that's soft and tender as well as juicy under the palate. I loved it and preferred it to the Sole
  • The royal seafood platter: Langoustines, Crevettes Grises, Bulots, Fine de Clair N3, Oysters. 91euros. 
    • The fish was so fresh. I adored the tiny shrimps and bulots. It was a premiere for me
    • A large stainless plate filled with crushed ice and seafood on top
    • Served with mayonnaise and a cocktail sauce
    • The plates were changed three times while the experience was lasting
    • A bowl of hot water and lemon to clean our hands was provided at the end
  • Crab Salad Falcon Club 32euros: Fresh crab, the club way with pineapples. It's a tower of different ingredients layered one on top of the other. Bread, fresh crab, lettuce and topped with pineapple. Everything is good and fresh. As for the bread, it has nothing to do here. It is chewy, diminishing the majestic feel of the other ingredients around
  • Cookpot de Butternut et Haddock, Condiment Truffe 30euros: Inside a porcelain pit is a mix of many ingredients that pair adequately together, each adding a plus to the mix. A sweetness provided by the butternut, class and richness provided by the slices black truffles and crunchiness added by the croutons. This plate is good and innovative but unfortunately didn't amaze me. I was expecting for something WOW that didn't happen
  • Carpaccio de Mullet aux Oursins de Pleine Mer 28euros. Yummy! describes all my feelings
Rech_Seafood_Restaurant_Paris067 After enjoying dinner and tasting many of Rech specialities, we were told that the best was yet to come. I heard a lot about Rech's desserts... But before that, we were offered a signature plate to caress our palatal buds. The famous Camembert cheese. For only 10euros, you get a full piece of Camembert, seasoned in house then heated to melting point. Cut in quarters, it is distributed to all the table. Impressive!
  • Le Fameux Camembert de Rech 10euros: 
  • Le Fameux Eclair XL de Rech, cafe, chocolat 14euros: The Coffee eclair is majestic and the best I've had to date. This eclair surpasses the ones I've had at L'Eclair de Genie or La Patisserie des Reves. Covered with a crunchy sugar layer and filled with a rich and fresh pastry dough, this piece of heaven is unique. The dough is extraordinary and the coffee grains crunch in style to keep an interesting aftertaste that lasts long. The chocolate eclair has a harder filling with an amazing dark chocolate flavor filling this dough followed by a soft light crunchiness. Adequately sweet with a butter aftertaste that makes all the difference. Exquisite!
  • Pain Perdu de Pastis d'Amelie, Glade Caramel au Beurre Sale 12euros: The Pain Perdu was served in a special strawberry printed plate. A sweet brioche that's caramelized and served with salted butter ice cream. Unfortunately this piece of bread was too chewy and not moist enough. Not my favorite
  • Mister Rech: Succes Noisette Glade, Sauce au Chocolat Chaud 14euros: This is a signature order that everyone talks about. The Mystere is a circular chewy success cake covering a hazelnut ice cream which makes it look like a sandwich. The waiter then pours hot chocolate sauce on top to cover it all. Bravo! It's known, adored and called mystery for a reason. I loved it
It was already midnight and the experience was coming to an end. Before leaving, we were offered marshmallows teddy bears created by Alain Ducasse's chocolate factory, "the Manufacture". A 78% cocoa chocolate that's adorable.
I have one thing to tell you: The experience was great... Yes, I confirm, that the experience tonight was great.
I loved:
  • The manger is unique of its kind. The highest level of professionalism on all fronts
  • The plates descriptions are presented in such a passionate way that makes you mouth water before even starting to eat
  • The ambiance and decoration are unique of their kind
Rech is definitely one dining experience I'll remember a long time. We spent memorable moments and recommend you do so as well while in the French capital. Good luck in your upcoming Michelin star.
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