May 30, 2015 Gemmayze & Mar Mikhael Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Sako 1967: A Sandwicheria on Armenia Street
Out with the Guys Quick Eats

I wasn’t planning on trying it surely wasn't expecting it to be that good but happily ended up enjoying some real and generous street sandwiches that are affordable and tasty. This is what Sako on Armenia Street in Mar Mikhael has to offer.


Down on the famous avenue, just a few meters before you reach the intersection taking you to Adlieh is a small place. Open since 1967, Sako and his son wake up daily in the wee hours of the morning to start preparing the sandwiches, one after the other, until 11pm. Soujok, makanek, roast beef, basterma or chicken, they have it all, and they do it right.

Avoiding garlic, I ordered three sandwiches: Roast beef, chicken liver and meat steak.


What's good to know is that Sako gets his bread from Prunelle - it seems they have a huge turnover. 

  • He takes the sesame-covered bun, cuts it open and stuffs it with all day-marinated steak. It's toasted, heated then filled with thinly sliced tomatoes, mayonnaise, fries, pickles and a sprinkle of salt. I loved the freshness of the bread and the tenderness of the meat while every ingredient adds a flavor to the mix. That's a good sandwich indeed.
  • The roast beef sandwich, even though roast beef is usually dry, is not. Tomatoes, shredded salad, mustard and pickles. I loved the juiciness of the sandwich, the generosity of the filling, the crunchy pickles and the lettuce. There’s certain juiciness to it and a subtle, salty after note. It’s a good sandwich.
  • Chicken liver: Mayonnaise or garlic married with tomatoes. That's the best of all. Peppery, super juicy, sour and delicious all at the same time. Tender and moist chicken liver with some tomatoes to add more juiciness, and a hint of sweetness. A must try.

Sometimes you enjoy places when you least expect to and Sako is one of them. Maybe it's time you give this sandwich place a try.

Basterma Sako +961 1 562 114

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