April 03, 2015

Shish Beureg: A New Armenian Concept with a Twist... (Restaurant Closed)


Shish for the Lebanese sandwich part, Beureg for the Armenian touch... Shish Beureg, a new concept by the same people behind Crepaway is seeing the light next week. Located on the Naccach internal road just after Charcutier Aoun, this new sandwicheria promises to amaze. 


On the menu is a selection of cold and warm appetizers, from the grill, toasted french bread sandwiches, burgers and desserts. Look out for an upscaled and trendier version of your average Armenian sandwich as well as Burgers made the "ian" way.


Looking at the photos made me drool. I'm just imaging how would they Mante be like, or their soujok sandwich or maybe the Armenian Burger. I personally can't wait... Stay tuned.

Shish Beureg Menu

Check out some pics I could get ahold of and the dine-in menu.



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