October 31, 2013

Every Second that Passes by... will Never Come Again: Take Advantage of Life

Dear fellow citizens, Aren't you fed up from the constant negativity that surround you... If you think it’s not there – think again.  You’re probably just avoiding it, or it has become part of your life now that it’s naturally flowing through your veins. Don't you feel sick of seeing and hearing everything "black" all day long? Enough is enough! When I say negativity, I mean the constant nagging and bashing of your country… Lebanon

keep-calm-and-stay-positive-42-woxoll Dear fellow friends and citizens of Lebanon, stop nagging about your country. Let’s think of it this way… Since we are destined to live around 90 years, which is an average of 32,850 days. Yes, only! Are you planning on spending them all in depression, shouting, screaming, crying and swearing about your bad luck being born Lebanese? Almost everyone’s dream is to travel. This is good. It’s one thing to travel and discover the world and it’s another thing to actually travel and leave the country to live elsewhere. The latter is the most common topic of discussion at dinner parties, work and so on… But guys have you ever thought about this wisely? Yes wisely. Let me tell take the opportunity to highlight some points… that some of you already know, already think about and if not should know about the ‘other’ country you dream of living in.

In a European country you are just a number – you’re no one. You’re a taxpayer…  I am going to mention things as they pop out of my mind…

  • Do you think you can go out every night and mingle with your friends?
  • Do you think you would get invited to a restaurant just because people care about you… or hear a friend run for the bill because simply "walla mech baynetna, sa7be” coming from the heart.
  • The check is always divided according to what each person has eaten. You actually give the waiter 5 credit cards and ask him to withdraw an x amount of money from each… No one will spend a penny more that what they owe…
  • Can you have the luxury of driving your own car everyday and reaching work relaxed? We ask for public transportation! Come on! Would we even accept using them?
  • Can you have dinner after 9pm?
  • Do you have help at home? The downfall abroad is that getting help is very expensive and having that luxury is next to nil. Who can help you with the kids, or even help you put them in bed if you have to… Won't you miss "Mariga" who will make you a sandwich if you’re too lazy to move from the couch
  • Please, I'm curious to know who is going to clean the plates after dinner?
  • Can your mom come cook a homemade family recipe if you’re all the way abroad?
  • Can you, in Europe, with a simple phone call get help for any governmental issue needed?
  • What would be the answer to; "how would you feel about paying 40% of your income in taxes"?
  • Please ask for a medical appointment and see how many months you would have to wait to see a doctor.
  • You demand a metro or train? Funny. Would you stand in a packed wagon and accept to be squashed with other citizens or smell their end of day sweat? Yeah, smile and stop being hypocrites.

Lebanese are used to live in pamper land. Stop nagging and taking things for granted! And the list doesn't seem to have an end... But, "we" live like ostriches; hide our heads in the ground to escape reality.

Travel channels are something, but reality is something else. Beautiful colors don’t reflect the fact that this country is livable. Is Europe better than Lebanon? Please watch EuroNews, CNN, Bloomberg, BBC and enjoy the economical prosperity you dream off. The 30% unemployment rate or the government complete shut down in the states where people cannot even renew their passport.

Do you know that more than 50% of the globe can't eat meat more than twice a year? Look at the 3 Billion poor people around the world dying from poverty. Don't you think it’s weird that many expats you know are coming back? Ask them why?

Fine, life is hard... Let's spend it moaning: Would things be better if you cry? Would you work more if you continuously nag about the lack of work? Would money fall from Heaven if you keep on telling people that you don't have enough cash? The typical Lebanese nags continuously and acts like a hypocrite – no one cares if you have or don’t have, what you have and don’t have... Just think of yourself and let be...


Things are easier than you can imagine:

  • Stay positive
  • Accept the fact that things will only happen if you want them to… don’t blame others, make a change within your surrounding. The country has been this way for the last century and another is on the way… so move your “a..” and make a change somewhere, somehow…
  • Wake up every morning and be happy to be alive. Take a nice hot shower during which you prepare yourself for a bright day ahead. Plan your day with love and make sure to spend memorable moments…
  • Eliminate prejudge ideas from your life: don't presume things and act accordingly. We are the best at presuming and imagining the worst that doesn't even exist… Instead we should respect one another, accept our difference and move ahead together…

If you have reached this part of the article this means two things: That you have read through my thoughts and you’re willing to make a slight positive change in your life and second it means that you have an Internet connection on your smartphone or a computer and that you have electricity... That means you are lucky and have a minimal acceptable income to live by! Start appreciating that.

Stop! Completely and totally following the news. Lebanese news is disgraceful. They brainwash you and keep you in a negative state of mind while allowing leaders to stay in control of your emotions. Negativity attracts negativity, remember? Enjoy the beautiful moments of life and transmit it to your entourage... After all, this is the only thing we leave behind for the next generations to remember. Love your country like I do... Create your own bubble; our positive energies combined will make the difference...

Don’t depend on anyone, you can make a change…  A thought - Lock yourself in a black room and light up a small candle. This small little candle will light up all the room. That can be you if you choose to be.

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