September 20, 2022

Why Grass-Fed Beef Is So Healthy for You

Many people worry about adding beef to their diets because of myths that it’s bad for you. But there are many reasons why grass-fed beef is actually healthy. 

Many people don’t think of grass-fed beef when they look for healthy foods, but it’s actually an amazing food with plenty of health benefits. Unlike the grain-fed alternative, grass-fed beef is a healthy option you can add to your regular diet to meet many nutritional goals with low calorie costs. Here’s why grass-fed beef is so good for your body.

Lower Calories Per Gram

While it’s not zero calories per gram, grass-fed beef doesn’t have a lot of calories in comparison with many of the other protein options you find in the market nowadays. When comparing grass-fed beef to grain-fed beef, there are almost 90 fewer calories per serving of grass-fed beef.

Leaner Meat

While there are many stories surrounding beef, most of them are just myths about grass-fed beef you can easily debunk. For example, grass-fed beef is low in fat content since it doesn’t go through the same diet before it’s made into meat. This means it’s low in saturated fat, so it lacks the unhealthy nutrients from other meat products. Grass-fed beef has only 12.7 grams of fat—nearly half the fat content of many other red meat options.

Full of Nutrients

One of the great things about grass-fed beef is the many nutrients it carries, making it very good for the human body. These include many nutrients that some studies show have positive effects on the body.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A can help improve vision, boost the immune system, and improve development.

Vitamin B: This vitamin is very important for the breakdown and processing of carbohydrates. It helps transport nutrients throughout the body.

Vitamin E: This vitamin can improve vision, reproduction, blood, the brain, and skin. It also has similar functions to an antioxidant.

Omega-3s: Some studies link omega-3 to lower blood pressure, reduced plaque buildup, and a stronger heart.

Antioxidants: Free radicals are dangerous molecules that play a part in many diseases and cancers, and antioxidants may protect your cells from them.

However, you shouldn’t exclusively use any food as a treatment for any of these conditions. Always ask a trained medical professional about the effects and benefits of switching your diet to include these foods. Never eat food you know to be unhealthy for you, even if it might have beneficial effects in other ways.

Super Protein

While many red meats just aren’t healthy, grass-fed beef is one of the healthiest foods you can find. Because it’s full of nutrients and has very few downsides, like being high in calories and fat, some people would even go so far as to call it a superfood. The calorie ratio to the nearly 19.5 grams of protein in each serving makes it a great and healthy way to add protein to your diet.

This is why so many people now focus on eating more grass-fed beef, as it has so many health benefits over grain-fed beef while also avoiding many of beef’s issues. While you can still create a diet without beef, you no longer need to avoid the food if you worry about the negative health benefits. Grass-fed beef is safe for consumption and will even benefit your body.

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