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If you’re looking to experience an amazing road trip in Spain, but aren’t sure where to go just yet, then you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of routes to choose from, and loads to see. In fact, there is so much out there that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. In this article we narrow down your list of options to the best 10. Whether you’re looking to relax or want something with a bit more activity, this list has you sorted.

1. The Andalucian Road Trip

One of the best ways to take in as much of the Spanish landscape as possible is to drive through Andalucia. I remember traveling there for a college paper. I was writing about the place and it was wonderful! If you’re the type of person that can’t get enough of mountains, beaches, and other areas by the sea, then Andalucia will positively excite you!

If you’re more into exploring the culture and have a soft spot for the sprawling medieval fortresses, grand cathedrals, and other kinds of breathtaking architecture, Andalucia has you sorted as well.

If you don’t like the sound of any of that, and would just prefer to walk around some historic Spanish town and eat traditional Spanish food, then I know just the right place for you: Andalucia!

A road trip through Andalucia will take you on a loop that includes all manner of destinations, including Malaga, Nerga, Gibraltar, Marbella, and Cadiz, among others. I found out about it when I was researching for an assignment writing services gig. You will scale mountains and go down beautiful valleys, relaxing in world-famous villages and mingle with people with supercars on the Puerto Banus’ Marina. Over the span of roughly 500 miles and 11 days, you will have the kind of Spanish trip everyone wants to write home about.

2. Spain’s Mediterranean Coast

This is an excellent trip idea, so long as you don’t forget to wear enough sunscreen.

You can start in Barcelona, taking in sights like the Las Ramblas and La Sagrada Familia, among others. Barcelona is probably the best place to start a Mediterranean coast trip, so I would certainly recommend it.

The next stop after Barcelona is Valencia, where you will find food, culture, and plenty of sunshine. Next are the Sierra Nevada mountains, then Gradana, Costa del Sol, Seville, and Cordoba. I wrote a great article about Valencia in the best essay writing service.

This entire trip hugs the coast, and is a great mix of culture and relaxation, letting you see some of the world’s greatest architecture, eat great food, and lay on the beach every now and then.

3. Castille Leon

Rightly called the heart of Spain,a  road trip through the Castille and Leon will allow you to explore Spain without having to spend too much time on the road or have to go all the way to the coast.

This road trip is in the form of a loop that starts and ends in the glorious province of Segovia. You will start at the city of Segovia itself, UNESCO World Heritage Site, and home to beautiful architecture. You will then head on to Salamanca through Arevalo. From there you can head on to the towns of Zamora and Ledesma, then Valladolid, with its incredible medieval architecture.

4. Northern Spanish Road Trip

Often overlooked in favor of other destinations, the Spanish North Coast is just as amazing as any other place in the country, with lots of great food, scenery, and culture.

This road trip starts in Bilbao, which is the capital of Spain’s Basque country. I wrote heavily about Bilbao, which you can find more about at AustralianWritings. You should probably spend a couple of days here to explore the mountains, historic center, and the famous Guggenheim Museum. Bilbao also has lots of street bars and Michelin-rated restaurants, as well as modern boulevards and medieval streets, so there is something for everyone.

From Bilbao, you will move on west along Santander to Santillana del Mar, the Picos de Europa National Park, and finally Gijon.

5. Basque Country and Pyrenees

This road trip covers Spain’s north-west area, still in Basque country. This is a prominent part of Spain, with a unique language, cities dating back to medieval times, and a direct link to the Pyrenees. The region is very proud of its culture, which you will see lots of in the major cities, including Pamplona, San Sebastian, and Bilbao.

The Pyrenees is a mountain range that many tourists overlook. That said, this is an old mountain range with high peaks and stunning vistas. The roads are great and make for fantastic road trips. The hotels are also great and help you relax for a few days at a time before you get back on the road.

6. Catalonia

While in Spain, why not take a driving tour of Catalonia? There is a whole lot more to this region than Barcelona, which you can read plenty about in research papers. You could spend weeks in the area and still not have enough time to see all of the museums, waterfalls, beaches, and villages.

A great route would start at Barcelona, onto Tarragona, making a temporary stop at Sitges to relax on the beach, then on to Montblanc and La Seu d’Urgell via Solsona. There are lots of places to stop along the way, with great views and beaches, as well as good food and culture.

7. Castilla La Mancha

This is one of the largest regions in Spain, and also one of the least frequented by tourists, which just gives you more of an opportunity to have all the fun! It’s hidden next to Madrid and stretches almost all the way to Valencia. Exploring this region will allow you to view some natural sights and experience some really old but beautiful Spanish cities. The trip starts at Toledo, which is probably the most famous city in the region and a mix of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions. From there you can head on south to Ciudad Real through Consuegra and Daimiel.

There are a lot of great sights in this region, including the famous windmills from Don Quixote. The trip goes on to Cuenca and Siguenza in the east, where it ends. There are also lots of national parks along the way if you feel adventurous.

8. Galicia

If you love driving along great coastlines with lots of scenery, seafood, and lighthouses, then the Galicia road trip is meant for you. The plan is to drive around the entire Galician coastline. It’s a short trip, but it has plenty of sights,  including lighthouses, cliffs, mountains, and beautiful cities with delicious seafood.

My favorite part of this road trip was the gentle sea breeze, which counterbalances the hot and humid weather. The food was also one of a kind, and I can’t wait to go back again!

9. Mallorca

Mallorca is something of a diamond in the rough, as many don’t associate it with a road trip, and yet it has so much to offer! A good place to start is Palma, the capital. You should check out the grandiose cathedral while you’re there – it’s really hard to miss. Once you start your trip, start with the narrow cliff roads along the coast and head on to Soler and Valdemossa. From there you can continue all the way to Port de Pollenca then onward to Cala Mesquida. Once there, you can head on to Cala Agulla in the south, with empty and serene beaches.

10. Full Circle Trip

Why not do the ultimate Spanish road trip and go round the whole country? If you’re feeling adventurous and have time on your hands, this is a great way to bathe yourself in all the culture, sights, sounds, and food the country has to offer. I remember doing this and writing about it at SuperiorPapers. Mind you it will be a very long drive, but it will certainly be worth it. The best places to start will likely be Barcelona or Madrid. You could rope in all of the destinations mentioned above into one comprehensive 3000-mile trip lasting more than a month but definitely worth it in the end!


Spain has so much to offer, most of which will quickly be revealed by a road trip. The above road trip ideas should give you a good start on planning your own, especially with the holiday season rolling around.

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