July 09, 2016


There are two types of steak, right? Burnt to a crisp or bloody as hell ? Wrong: that may get you so far at Jack Rabbit Slim’s, but the wider world of grilled beef has a lot more to offer. Whether you’re travelling the globe or exploring the spice aisle of your local supermarket, the options are as varied as the cultures of the world. While you may not be convinced that you can better your regular favourite, experimenting can be a delicious journey in itself.


With the summer approaching, you need only venture as far as your back garden to experience steak Spanish-style: smother the meat in salt and pepper, barbeque it on hot coals, and for that extra kick add a dab of romesco pepper dipping sauce. The Australians (surely our leading voice on the mighty barbeque) prefer a béarnaise dipping sauce. Choose a weighty slab and cook it on the bone so it ends resembling a Tomahawk axe: hey presto, the Tomahawk steak

For something a bit more refined, of course we should turn to the French: their famous Steak Tartare is a deconstructed, reconstructed minced or chopped steak, delicately seasoned, but perhaps not one for the more ferocious among carnivores. Both the Koreans and the Japanese add soy, with the Korean Kalbi Flank steak being marinated overnight before being fast-grilled for five minutes on either side. It’s an Asian treat beingpassed along the generations.

Chances are, the first mention of the word ‘steak’ got you hungry: if these exotic recipes have stimulated your sense of adventure too, check out this tasty new infographic which goes into further detail – and unveils a few more niche steaks from around the world. Fire up that grill!

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