October 27, 2021

11 Home Heating Mistakes That Spike Your Bills

There are many ways to keep your home warm and comfortable without paying a fortune. If you're the type of person who likes to stay on top of things, then this article is for you! Here we will discuss 11 mistakes that people make with their home heating that can cost them more money than they initially expected. You may be making one or more of these mistakes, so it's important to read through and find out which ones apply to you!

1. Not Changing the Air Filter

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it's surprising how many people forget to change their air filter every few months. It is important that you replace this as often as possible because having a dirty or old one can cause your home warming system to work much harder than usual. This will cause your furnace and AC unit to use more energy than they should, resulting in higher monthly bills for you! So, remember to check those filters at least once per month so that you don't have any problems with efficiency later on down the line. 

2. Varying the Thermostat Temperature

Another great way to save money on your home heating is by simply keeping a consistent room temperature. When you turn up or down your thermostat, it can cause your furnace to work harder than necessary, and this will lead to higher monthly bills for you! So try not to vary temperatures too drastically to keep yourself comfortable while also saving some cash at the same time.

3. Cranking up the Thermostat

An easy way to save money on your home heating is by turning down the thermostat when you leave for work or school in the morning. You may think that keeping it at a high temperature will keep your house warm all day, but this isn't exactly true! Keeping it set higher than necessary can cause your AC unit and furnace to use more energy than they usually do, meaning higher monthly bills for you. Instead of cranking up the heat before leaving every morning, just try setting the temp lower so that there's no need to change anything once you get back home again.

4. Closing Vents in Dormant Rooms

When you leave a room, it's important to close the vents so that your home heating doesn't have to use energy on rooms with nobody in them. Most people don't even realize that leaving these vents open can cause their AC unit and furnace to use more energy than usual, which means higher monthly bills for you! Make sure to close your vents if no one is using the rooms in order to save some money on home heating. 

5. Keeping Windows Open

If you're looking to save money on your home heating, then this trick is for you! Keeping the windows open while it's cold outside can cause your AC unit and furnace to use more energy than usual. If that wasn't enough, it also causes dust particles and other debris to circulate through the air, making the bills shoot upwards! So if you want a quick and easy way to cut back on home heating costs without sacrificing comfort at all, just keep those windows closed when it gets chilly outside so that everything stays nice and clean indoors.

6. Not Having a Programmable Thermostat

Having a programmable thermostat is one of the best ways to save money on your home heating. It allows you to keep track of how much energy you're using and make adjustments as necessary, thus lowering monthly bills for you! So if this sounds like something that would be useful in your household, then it's definitely worth looking into purchasing one soon before the winter season. 

7. Poor Insulation

If your home is lacking in insulation, then it's time to make some changes. Insulating your attic and walls can help you save money on heating costs because these are the most common places where cold air tends to seep indoors, and the result is abnormal bills. So if poor insulation sounds like something that would be worth fixing, why not try calling up a contractor soon?

8. Heating an Empty House

There is no essence to heat an empty house. When everyone is out of the house, there is no reason to keep it nice and warm. It's wasteful because the heating system will continuously run even if nobody is in the house, making you pay more money on bills that you could use to cater for other expenses! To avoid this mistake, have a programmable thermostat installed so that it can turn off the heating system when nobody is at home and turn on some hours before you and your family return.

9. Not investing in Solar Energy

If you're looking for a way to save money on your home heating, then why not consider going solar? Not only does this energy source allow you to cut back on electricity bills because the sun's heat is free, but it has many other benefits as well. It can reduce greenhouse gas emissions which means lower monthly bills for you! So if this sounds like something worth pursuing now that spring is here and summer isn't far behind, just head over to a nearby hardware store or search online to see what options are available near you. 

10. Not Paying Attention to Leaks and Drafts

You might not even realize that you're living with leaks and drafts, but these little problems can cause your AC unit and furnace to use more energy than usual which means higher monthly bills for you! Make sure to look around the house and check if there are any drafts in doors, windows, or exterior walls. If you notice any spaces that could let cold air in, then have them sealed up as soon as possible to cut back on home heating costs. Also, basement and attic leaks can cause higher bills as well. So if you spot some, then try to locate and fix them immediately so that they don't waste more energy.

11. Not Taking Care of the Furnace and AC Unit

If you want your furnace and air conditioner to work properly throughout the year, then they must be taken care of every now and again for maintenance purposes to achieve lower monthly bills. Have a professional like Mark from On the Spot HVAC to look at them from time to time so that everything will stay nice and functional when winter rolls around or summer is approaching fast. In case there is any damage done, repairs can be made before problems arise, which means higher noticeability in energy usage. 

If you avoid these eleven home heating mistakes, then you're sure to save money on your monthly bills.

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