August 01, 2012 Hamra & Verdun Beirut Lebanon Middle East

35 Rooms: The Trendiest Hotel in Hamra

You know how sometimes you see things in a magazine, on your iPad and just want to go and see it yourself. 35 Rooms, a hotel in Hamra, intrigued my curiosity. The colors, the art, the creativity ... I can't speak much about the service of 35 Rooms as a hotel, but I can express what I felt as someone who walked into a place for the first time.

Lets start by how the hotel is described by the owners..."35 rooms is the perfect mix of comfort and originality, offering a stylish and trendy stay for family vacations, weekend getaways and executive business trips. 35 rooms stands out with its sleek design, professional service and friendly staff. The uniqueness of the hotel is reflected through graphical elements and welcoming colors in the hallways as well as vibrant designs in the rooms. Each room is characterized with its own style, adding flare and personalization to both short and long-term stays." I wanted to go see for myself. The owners were kind enough to let me into their hotel and take me on a tour with my camera. I appreciated that, a lot. Yes it's a unique hotel in many ways, but it can better. If you know anything about me by now you will know that I am a person who's says what he feels. It's hard for me not to leave my opinion here as well. I say this because indeed the uniqueness of this hotel can be substantially popular if only a few details are taken care off.

Before reaching the rooms... it's the details that caught my attention.

The building from the outside does not call your attention. I thought as I walked in I would see something amazing, but the entrance/lobby was not impressive, the way the employees were sitting at a small welcome desk with their uniforms looking like security guys felt strange. There's a lot of space in the lobby and the set up could easily be more appealing and welcoming. As you open the small elevator, you walk out to the hallways to the rooms are too dimmed and the feeling of claustrophobia overwhelmed me. I was unable to see the colors on the walls. As I used the stairs to go up from one to another, I was hoping to see some creativity of the staircase. That's where call the blandness can be hidden with some color, especially that the hotel calls for this creativity and has access to it. Yes the rooms are special. But for a hotel that's 'trendy' there's something missing... The best part of each room is the creative work. But somehow I didn't feel the coziness of a hotel room... the big fluffy mattresses. Then again I didn't try them so I can't say for sure.

The hotel can be wow if a few things are changed:

  • A more welcoming entrance and a trendier staff
  • The breakfast lounge can be better - read my review...
  • More light in hallways between the rooms
  • Rooms can smell fresher
  • More focus on details like removing electrical cable extensions from the rooms, fixing door numbers, installing electrical motors for the curtains, changing the towels into thicker and bigger ones etc.
  • A urgent paint job is needed all over
  • Staircase needs cleaning and more feel of being a part of the hotel, as it is today, it feels like just a staircase of an old abandoned building

If only 35 Rooms can deliver 50% of Casper & Gambini's attention to details, things will be amazing. Enjoy 35 Rooms: It's a must try.





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