April 05, 2018 New York USA Americas

5 Napkins Burger New Year: Great Vibes, Deceiving Food
Non-smokers friendly
Out with the Guys

It’s been the time that I try 5 Napkins Burger; to tell you the truth, I’ve passed in front of Theo place endless times but never felt it. The name and red curtains don’t inspire but wait until you walk in. The place looks like an old butchery decorated with yellow lights coming from the ceiling, metallic rails on which cows are hanged, leather sofas and a bar. Loaded with people, the restaurant was going to explode: I had to wait fifteen minutes for a table.


Loud music and loud people, a restaurant or more of a pub doesn’t sell only burgers. Sushi, noodle, salads and chicken items as well as a selection of burgers. It’s called he “5 Napkins Burger” so I ordered it without the “Garlic Aioli”.


Tasteless, the burgers are literally tasteless needing sauce, juiciness and flavor. A juicy patty cooked medium and nothing else. Where is the sauce, where is the love! The 5 Napkins special burger is tasteless and the cheese bacon needs a load of sauce; all I felt is the tomato. Even the bacon needs more toasting to crunch. I tried the patty alone, it’s dry and needs some seasoning.


Bizarre feeling and a huge deception specially after seeing that big number of people coming here every night and the hype around this restaurant.

Deceived; I didn’t like the burger at all.

Suitable For: Out with the Guys





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