July 26, 2022

6 Cutting-Edge Kitchen Tools for Home Chefs

Cooking at home is one of the most relaxing, satisfying, and delicious hobbies you can have. With rising inflation showing no signs of stopping, cooking at home is also a responsible, economic choice. If you cook a lot of meals at home (whether it’s for pleasure or efficiency) it’s always exciting to get a new quality kitchen tool to play around with. For those that spend tons of time in the kitchen, finding a tool that can revolutionize your cooking routine is a thrill, so here are six cutting-edge kitchen tools that home chefs will adore in 2022:

1. Cream Chargers 

If you genuinely enjoy getting classy and aesthetically adventurous in the kitchen, you’re likely to use whip creams and other desert creams frequently. Whether you’re concocting a beautiful cocktail, the perfect latte, or a simply delectable whipped cream to top your pies with, cream chargers are becoming more commonly used in the kitchen (as they give you a smooth, tasty hit of cream every single time). Finding the perfect food-grade nitrous oxide cream chargers to supercharge your kitchen is a must in 2022 for any dessert enthusiast or artist. Never again will you have to settle for generic store whipped creams.

2. BOB Bottle Opener 

While a bottle opener may not seem as though it could be “cutting-edge,” the BOB Bottle Opener is out to prove your assumptions incorrect. A top nominee of the German Design Awards back in 2016, the BOB Bottle Opener has now become a worldwide phenomenon for those who love to use their kitchens to the fullest. There’s a mixture of fantastic functional tools built into the sleek-looking device, and it can effectively open five types of common kitchen items: ring pulls, vacuumed lids, bottle caps, drink cans, and screw tops. Add the beautiful aesthetic of the opener on top of this high-tier efficiency, and you’ll never want to use a traditional bottle opener again.

3. Barisieur Coffee Brewer 

Especially if you love coffee, you’re likely to believe that there’s nothing really that new or cutting-edge on the market in terms of coffee appliances. Thankfully, you couldn’t be further from the truth, as the Barisieur Coffee Brewer has created a sleek, retro-futuristic-looking coffee appliance that helps you brew pitch-perfect hot and cold coffee drinks with ease. The crisp, delicious smell that will pour through your kitchen every morning will pair wonderfully with the tasty warm caffeine juice that runs down your throat as you head out for another productive work day.

4. Wine Serving Appliance

Nothing quite pairs with a quality homemade meal quite like a perfectly matched wine. Unless you’re eating with a group of people, however, it’s often ill-advised to go through the entire bottle of wine in one evening. With new wine serving appliances, you can keep the wine properly stored in a space that will not only keep it fresh but will keep it at the perfect temperature for your tastes. The ease of use, affordability, and classy designs of modern wine serving appliances have made them especially well-suited to hip homeowners who love to host their family and friends.

5. Pizza Scissors

Pizza cutters are one of the most frustrating tools in modern kitchens, but thankfully, there’s now a brand-new, cutting-edge answer: pizza scissors. These handy tools allow you to have the exact grip, angle, and table support to get the perfect pizza slice every time, without having to worry about where the blade has become too dull, or if the pizza’s cheese has become too slippery. The hard plastic guiding strip on the bottom of pizza scissors allows you to get the perfect angle on your cut each time (and the tool works fantastically for other circular cooking achievements like pie). The low-price tag of the item makes it a perfect housewarming gift as well!

6. Foodini

When looking for kitchen tools that truly feel as if they’re literally from the future, it’s difficult to beat the awe-inspiring feel of the Foodini. The Foodini 3-D Printer uses new technology to mix food ingredients, nutrients, and other materials to help you create your favorite dishes, spices, and more much faster than you could have ever imagined. While the price tag will keep it out of some consumers’ kitchens, the Foodini 3-D Printer is still certain to make it onto your Christmas wishlist by the end of 2022.

Revolutionize Your Kitchen in 2022 

With these six tools, you can turn your home’s kitchen into a futuristic laboratory of delicious inventions. Each of the six tools will provide new value and capabilities to your daily cooking routine. If you’ve been looking to make a serious change in 2022 when it comes to your cooking habits, now is the best time to do so.

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