August 20, 2016 USA Americas

66 Diner: A Typical American Diner!
Non-smokers friendly
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A diner with a soul. 66 Diner is a place where all the details make all the difference.


It's that kind of place where a smile is drown on your face the minute you walk in. Typical American, a typical diner... Route 66. Pink and blue, very well lit, happy music, lots of lights and decorative items to make you look around for hours. You’ll think you’ve stepped back into the 50’s and 60’s with our eclectic ambiance!  Betty Boop, Elvis, Marilyn, vintage and neon signs, jukebox, soda fountain and Pez collection are just some of what you’ll experience when you visit us.

66 Diner is a must on the route, what was a petrol station is today a diner in the village of Albuquerque. The bar, leather stools, round windows, coco-cola signs, old car front and much much more. The signature are the PEZ candies decorating the upper part of the walls.

A loaded menu with endless choices of American favorites, fries and burgers, dogs and sandwiches as well as the loaded eggs every diner serves.


  • 66 fires to start, a big plate loaded with yellow tender potatoes, cheddar cheese and green chili. Molten cheddar, tender fires and spicy chili. A lovely plate.
  • The 66 Burger, Angus beef with cheese, bacon and New Mexico green chili. Simple but great! Tender sesame bun, juicy patty, fresh veggies and the boost of spiciness. 
  • Albuquerque turkey sandwich, with grilled turkey, Swiss and green chili served in Texas toast. That's a great one, the tenderness of the thick chunks of turkey, the crispy buttered sandwich and the meted cheeses. I'm gonna do this at home!
  • The pile up breakfast, a pile of panfried potatoes, chopped bacon, chopped green chile, two sunny side up eggs, cheddar cheese and both red and green chile sauce on top. You will say OMG! A mountain of potato cubes, crispy bacon and this chili that comes back again and again everywhere we eat around middle America. They surely know how to eat around here.


I can say two things!

The spicy chili discovery is awesome, I wish to eat something like that in my city and I can assure you that this is the tastiest diner on my Route 66 adventure. Loved it here, loved the mood, loved the food.





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