July 04, 2022

7 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Houston

Houston is one of the fun places to be at. This city attracts tourists year-round. There are many exotic places in Houston to not only get fun and entertainment but to learn the history of Houston while experiencing hotels in Houston. If you are thinking of visiting Houston for a short or long stay, you sure would want some suggestions on top-rated tourist attractions. This article presents you with fun and memorable things to do when you are in Houston. 

If you are in Houston as a tourist, here are fun and memorable things to do:

Visit the Museum of Natural Science

When you visit a new place, learning about the culture and history of the people is a good way to blend and have fun. Visiting the museum of Natural science in Houston will create memorable and fun experience for you. This museum holds exhibits that attract guests and enthusiasts to its collection. You can find lots of skeleton mounts, mineral specimens, and other amazing things. It's a fun place for people of any age range. Kids enjoy the spectacular grasshopper clock that greets you at the entrance.

Visit the Houston Space Center

This place holds Houston’ history and you will find it interesting to learn new things about Houston. This space centre is also referred to as the International Space Station Mission Control. In this place, there are lots of artefacts and exhibits that will keep you in awe. It is great for adults and kids. This museum has movies that can keep you and your kids entertained for the time you are there. 

Go to Discovery Green

If you ever thought of practicing yoga while you have fun, this park is one places to find this package. This city park has an urban feel to it. It consists of several activities that will keep you engaged and entertained. There are storytimes for kids to keep your toddlers entertained as well. This place also organizes some concerts that will make you love Houston more. If you think of going out with your friends and loved ones for a movie night, this Discovery Green also has you covered. An additional tourists-satisfying thing to know about this park is its offer of free Wi-Fi, rooms for reading and relaxation as well as an amazing collection of games. It is one of the best places to relax in Houston. There is also a playground that you can use to your advantage. 

Visit the Downtown Aquarium

If you are in Houston, one thing you cannot afford to miss is the amazing meals and drinks you can have here. There are bars and restaurants where you can dine and relax. This is a place where you not only have fun taking pictures and making videos, you also have mouth-watering foods to commit to memory. This Downtown Aquarium is not only meant for adults. There are exhibits and aquarium rides that will keep your kids fully entertained. The amazing views of several species of aquatic life is amazing and satisfying. If you ever plan a day out with your family, visiting the Downtown Aquarium is a good way to spend it.

Visit the Health Museum 

If you are a scientist or are science-inclined, visiting a place with lots of scientific entertainment is a great choice. If you ever feel like taking a break from serious science work but still keeping in touch with your science environment, the health museum is a perfect place to visit. You get to learn more about science while still having fun. Lots of people, over 118,000, visit this aquarium every year. Many school children, over 22,000 of them, are always a part of field trips. The museum is a great place to learn about science and health without compromising on fun and entertainment. There is also a cell lab where your kids can experiment and have fun.

Visit The Galleria

Shopping is one way to spend your time, and money, when you go touring Houston. And a great place to shop is The Galleria. This exotic building houses lots of restaurants where you can have amazing meals and treats. Whether you want cheesecake, ice cream, or any other kind of delicious treat, you can find their factories in The Galleria. They're also exotic stores to shop beauty and fashion items. These are top-notch stores where you can find first class collections. You can find top rated brands like Prada, Gucci, Valentino, and lots more. You can take your family out to this place and you are sure to find something to satisfy everyone.

Visit the Music Box Theater

Watching some live performances is a great way to spend your time in Houston. Stage plays ranging from serious to comedies are a great source of entertainment. The performances are talented and experienced. You will not regret stepping into this theater.


Visiting Houston as a tourist is a fun way to spend your time. What actually makes it fun is what you do while you are there. The Museum of Natural Science, Space Center Houston, Discovery Green, Downtown Aquarium, The Health Museum, The Galleria, and the Music Box Theater are some of the places to visit. Visiting different museums, parks, and theaters will not only entertain you but help you learn the history of Houston.

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