September 12, 2017

A Blockbuster Indonesian Movie Filmed in Lebanon: UNIFIL Troops of the South

The Garuda Force Movie: I Leave My Heart in Lebanon tells the story of Indonesian troops in charge of maintaining peace in Lebanon.

The film tells the story of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) who takes on the task of maintaining peace in Lebanon. And the story focuses on Captain satria (Rio Dewanto), Serka Gulamo (Boris Bokir and Lettu Arga (Yama Carlos).

While in Lebanon, Captain Satria and his troops not only undertook their regular duties to keep the peace. But they also have to face a situation that is quite stressful, among them, must dissolve the dispute between the Israeli army with the Lebanese army, and also the way Captain Satria and his team managed to free the Spanish army from hostage Hezbollah troops.

In its mission in Lebanon, the Garuda contingent is assigned not only to securing state conflicts. But it also provides social assistance to local residents. While visiting schools to provide information and medical examinations, Captain Satria meets Rania (Jowy Khoury), elementary school teacher (SD).

While In Indonesia, Diah (Revalina S. Temat) began to hesitate due to the emergence of Andri (Baim Wong), a young English graduate who has susek in the field of property.

Andri put his heart on Diah, and get support from his mother (played by Tri Yudiman) who continue to affect Diah, in order to accept love Andri.

While Diah's father (Dedy Mizwar) asks Diah to remain faithful to wait for Captain Satria to finish duty.

At the end of the assignment, as a TNI soldier the Captain satria retains the honor of the TNI by not marrying Runia and living in Lebanon, unless he resigns as a TNI soldier. Rania did not want to leave Lebanon her homeland.

But when he returned to Indonesia, Captain Satria was surprised by Diah who was carrying out a wedding reception with Andri.

How is the end of the story? Who will be Captain Satria's choice, keep Diah or go back to Rania?

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