December 30, 2016

A Comparative Review: Tabliet Massaad vs. The Original Massaad
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The comparative series are a set of reviews I'll be publishing from now on. I'll be ordering the same item from different places for a constructive comparison... let's enjoy a Tawouk and meat sandwich from "Massaad".


"Tabliet Massaad", "The Original Massaad" of "Massaad Barbecue", three names which originated from the same recipe created by Adel Massaad up in Zahle. The three different restaurants - probably relatives - have started the franchising race across Lebanon. They are all known for today’s trend called "The Tablieh" - the chicken sandwich covered with sesame and served on a wooden board. 

"Massaad Barbecue", the original one, which is not in my delivery zone, was not part of today's comparison. I'll be reviewing it at a later stage.

For lunch I ordered a meat sandwich and a tawouk sandwich from both. 

Price: /10

  • The Original Massaad: LBP 9,500 both meat and chicken. 9/10
  • Tabliet Massaad: LBP 10,000 for chicken and LBP 11,000 for meat. 7/10

Box Presentation: /10

The box produced by the same supplier is exactly the same. Same carton quality and same compartments. It's divided into several compartments hosting hummus in a plastic container, fries, garlic paste, coleslaw salad, a bag of pickles and the sandwich. Tabliet Massaad sends tabbouleh instead of coleslaw with the meat sandwich.

The staff at “The Original Massaad” tear the box to create an opening; when they shouldn't because it's pre-perforated.

  • The Original Massaad 7/10
  • Tabliet Massaad 8/10

Quantity: /10

Exactly the same for both.

  • The Original Massaad 9/10
  • Tabliet Massaad 9/10

Food Temperature: /10

  • The Original Massaad 6/10
  • Tabliet Massaad 6/10

Fries: /10

Arrived cold and chewy.

  • The Original Massaad 3/10
  • Tabliet Massaad 2/10

Salads' Taste: /10

Coleslaw salads are both tasteless, Tabliet Massad's is bland and The Original Massaad’s has a pronounced flavor of mayonnaise. Tabbouleh is not good; too sweet and soggy.

  • The Original Massaad 4/10
  • Tabliet Massaad 2/10

Pickles' Taste: /10

Exactly the same quality and taste.

  • The Original Massaad 7/10
  • Tabliet Massaad 7/10

Hummus' Taste: /10

  • The Original Massaad 6/10
  • Tabliet Massaad 4/10

Sandwich's Taste: /10

The meat sandwich at "The original Massaad" is better; the meat is served on a double layer of bread, hummus and a spread of garlic and no sesame. The chicken Tawouk sandwiches are exactly the same in both places. Shockingly the same: same taste, same recipe, same toasting. Bread is fresh and soft.

  • The Original Massaad 8/10
  • Tabliet Massaad 7/10

 Value for Money: /10

  • The Original Massaad 8/10
  • Tabliet Massaad 7/10

Total: /100

  • The Original Massaad 64/100
  • Tabliet Massaad 59/100

In my opinion, they're barely different. "Tabliet Massaad" is trendier and has more franchises across the country. I recommend you order from the closest place to your location hoping to receive your food hot. PS: try their Saj Burger, I enjoy it every single time.

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