September 06, 2018 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

A Cote Sushi: A Tasty Delivery in Beirut
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A Côté delivers good quality sushi, I’ve been enjoying at work for the last week.


A carton box, beautifully rolled sushi pieces, set one next to the other with no plastic papers. Looking neat and professional, the sushi rolls are appetizing. Fresh, smooth, not-chewy and not crunchy, the rolls are what you need for a quick lunch at work. I liked the salmon quality, the balanced amount of sauce in every roll, the equilibrated flavors and the enjoyable notes of sweetness felt in every bite. 

Other than the rolls, I enjoyed the salmon yuzu ceviche: presented in a plastic box, the thinly sliced salmon, bathing in their lemony sauce are delicious. Super juicy and extremely flavorful, they drew a smile on my face.

An enjoyable experience I'll surely repeat.

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Stem: Casual and Upscale Dining in Beirut