November 18, 2016

A Guide To Cake and Wine Pairings

There can be few more decadent luxuries in the world than washing down a fine piece of cake with a delicious wine. Cake and wine alike are masterful developments of human culture, with rich histories which continue to evolve today.

Alice Feiring is an award-winning wine writer who’s been published in the New York Times alongside many other glossy magazines, and her own books. She has collaborated on a fine new infographic which describes heavenly cake and wine (and other) combinations at a glance, making it quick, simple and educational to pair together treats for a party or – why not? – your own delirious meltdown. Hooked on cheesecake? Take it to the next level with a glass of Domaine Pierre Frick Gewurztraminer Steinert, or similarly aromatic wine. Take-out carrot cake from the specialists at your local café? Match it with Eden Ice Cider to cut through that creamy sweetness.

What’s more, Alice has provided mouthwatering explanations for just why these pairings work, meaning you can impress your guests with a bubbly soundbite or two – and use the information to leapfrog into your own research.


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