November 04, 2012 Dbayeh Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

A New Earth: A Must See at ABC Dbayeh (Closed)

Some places call you to willingly come in to its space giving you that feeling that you want to know more about it, its concept and it's products. A New Earth is an all organic and natural grocery store. I went into their new branch at ABC Dbayeh and fell in love with it. I always hear about it but since their first branch is in Achrafieh I never had the chance to go down and discover it. After it opened at ABC, I had no excuse. It's a few minutes away from where I live.

I was happy I did so. The space, the design, the pressed wood flooring, the dangling lamp shades, the display, the plants and crates used for display ... I was impressed. My eyes could not stop wandering around... discovering all their products... reading their labels... I became overwhelmed with the feeling that I too must play a role in making the world a better and healthier place.

The owners of A New Earth have become convinced over the years of the benefits of eating organic food and using chemical-free beauty products. They want to share this organic lifestyle by bringing to you the most comprehensive selection of organic products available in one shop. At A New Earth, you’ll find pretty much everything you see in a regular grocery store, plus many items you don’t. The difference is that our products are all- organic and natural. They carry products that fit well with the diverse tastes of their customers.

In addition to everything you need for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you will find specialty items such as raw food, and gluten-free products as well as vegan, low-sodium and low-fat items. They also have a special section for baby care including foods and related products. And an eco-friendly household products section that are safe, non-toxic and effective.

Many things caught my attention was interested to discover their tastes like their dark chocolate, single malts whiskey, various wine and vodka collection... Amazing items worth collecting and trying as well.

A built-in fridge carrying fresh items like organic salmon... nice...I think my next dinner party will be organic salmon with organic alcoholic beverages...

You feel that you should be responsible. These “green” products are healthier for you and safer for the environment.






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