November 18, 2014 Keserwan Lebanon Middle East

Abou Artine: Faraya’s Renowned Saj Soujok
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Phone Number: +961 81 371959

Address: Faraya village roundabout, Keserwan, Lebanon ( 07:00AM - 10:00PM)


Price Range: 2-10 $

I think it's a ritual, stopping at the Faraya roundabout whenever you're going up to Mzaar. If you're in for a ski trip or simply visiting for some of the summer activities, the Faraya roundabout is everyone's stop over.

Down in the heart of the village, a series of shops stands one next to the other, offering a selection of Saj as well as freshly squeezed orange juice and sandwiches. You can't say one is better than the other because we all have preferences, maybe caused by nostalgia from our childhood. I used to stop at the better looking one … until I met Artine.

In my opinion, one shop stands out from the others: Abou Artine. Abou Artine, his wife and two kids live in Faraya all year long and spend their day in their small shop, which is one before the last in the line of restaurants.


Come here to meet Artine, this happy and joyful man, as well as his little brother who, alongside their mother, prepare homemade food with an Armenian touch that's like nothing you've had before.

While visiting the area for the Mechwar show, some followers on Instagram suggested Abou Artine and I'm happy they did so. 


Artine prepares a homemade soujok, instantly baked on the Saj, filled with the famous Armenian meat. What a taste! A crunchy border, a juicy heart, a blend of flavors, that's a delicious sandwich, which looks like a “Saroukh”, closed on the sides and trapping the soujok inside. The other recommendation would be the mixed cheese with spicy tomato sauce. A rich red color with lines of cheese decorating the top. As enjoyable as the first one, the dough, the juicy fillings, the sweetness and hint of spiciness are all awesome! 


Want to live the experience as I did? Watch the video and enjoy Artine and his mouthwatering preparations.

Abou Artine, Faraya Roundabout, +96170453675

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