May 29, 2016 Amman Jordan Middle East

Abou Moussa: Fawaregh, Kroush, Nifa in Amman

Traditional and typical, Abou Moussa sells everything related to internal organs. Large bowls filled with water to the top boil from the early hours of the day serving fawaregh, kroush, goat head and goat brain. A man behind the counter prepares some enjoyable and original food many can't even look at or consider. I personally love it.


Fawaregh or intestine stuffed with rice, stomach stuffed with rice and the head which has the most tender meat you will ever taste.

Up on the first floor is the restaurant, food is served on the table directly with a sheet of paper depressing you from it, bread and three sauces they prepare. Tahina, spicy shatta and pickles.

I even had the chance to go behind the counter and dig in those casseroles myself.


Let's eat: a mixed plate is a meal for one. Half a head, a 40 centimeter long Fawaregh, one stomach and one foot. Very well cooked rice, intensely peppered and spiced will put a smile on your face if you like this kind of food.

Real street food, enjoyable and memorable, Abou Moussa is the place to visit. I lately discovered a restaurant serving the same kind of food in Tripoli.

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