November 28, 2014

Air-Popped Snacks Fit for a King

It's the weekend, let's enjoy a movie night... of course popcorn is a must. Here's Maracas De Popcorn which literally shakes up the world of popcorn-making combining leisurely microwave cuisine with joyous maraca shaking to create air-popped snacks fit for a king.

Just measure your kernels in his crown, pour them into the bowl, then place it in the microwave to cook. Once everything is popped and pinged. Scoop up a healthy portion of popcorn with one (or both!) of his sceptre-like maracas; sprinkle on your chosen toppings and then let vigorous shaking. Don't worry you won't make a mess.

Fun and Yum...

Categories: Food Gadgets


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