April 11, 2017 Hamra & Verdun Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Al Rayess Men Chtaura: A Kiosk on Hamra Street (Restaurant Closed)

Driving by Hamra street, a kiosk grabbed my attention: yellow and red, beautifully designed with wheels and heavy metal poles, AL RAYESS is all about dairy products and specialities from the Bekaa. I stopped the car and ordered two sandwiches.


Located after Banque du Liban entrance right by the petrol station, you can't miss Al Rayess.

Goat Labneh with vegetables, halloumi or simply kashta with honey and cream, this place prepares simple and healthy sandwiches.

I enjoyed the food and the stands' design.


When you're in Hamra and feel like grabbing a quick bite, now you know where to stop. When doing some research online, I found out that Al Rayess family have plans to expend their colorful kiosks all around the country...

The journey began in 1952 in the heart of the Bekaa valley in Lebanon, known for its fertile plains of ancient rome. Then, four brothers from the Rayess family partnered with one of the most famous Egyptian artists, Badiha Massabni to form one of the earliest dairy houses in Chtaura, ”Badiha Massabni & Nassar Rayess”. Being situated in the valley, with farms and vast greenery provided them with the freshest milk to create the best dairy products available. Badiha Massabni & Nassar El Rayess was passed down to the next generation, serving fresh dairy products. Over the years, many tourists visited Chtaura and shared their international tastes, blending it with our Lebanese traditions to give an astounding result.

Recently, Two brothers from the second generation decided to bring their secret family recipes and traditions with an addition of a modern twist closer to you. The concept is the creation of small sandwich boutiques in areas all over Lebanon to serve healthy and hearty food, saving you the hassle of driving all the way up to Chtaura.

With their specialty being Markouk bread, you can enjoy a Labneh wrap with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil with your choice of fresh vegetables, a cup of Sahlab, or Halawa with a drizzle of Debbes or mouthwatering dark chocolate, some Arisheh with honey from the honey comb, fresh home-made cake, season’s fruits, or even their traditional Lebanese biscuits with Raha.





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