August 02, 2013

And the Trend Continues: Another Burger Shop's Opening (Restaurant Closed)

Street burger is all about the better burger movement sprung all over the US. It acknowledges the street cultural roots for the burger & fries offering and reminds that street food is the roots for all culinary schools.
As a common platform, all beef burgers are from top quality; the meat is fresh and ground fresh every day in the store and no frozen beef is used. 
  • The bun is custom baked daily for street burger restaurant.
  • The ingredients are all fresh and from high quality.
  • Fries take on an equal share in the restaurant by coming in different shapes and flavours, not to mention the mighty animal fries offering. Only trans-fat oil is used. 

At Streetburger the menu is balanced between classic burgers and innovative introductions being ... No Streetburger store offers a copy paste experience, simply because each store celebrates the culture of the street it is open at, by offering a burger recipe that looks, feels and tastes just like that specific street culture.

Will it be a new copy paste of the others?
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