November 02, 2019 Kuwait GCC Middle East

Arabica Coffee: From Japan to the Middle East
Non-smokers friendly
Coffee Talk

It's where coffee has a different story, a place called Arabica has started in Japan and moved to several locations around the world. Arabica gets coffee from Hawaii, and its logo is the percentage sign (%).


Light decor, concrete, and wood, coffee bags decorate the facing wall, glass cups behind the counter, and a certain feel of freshness... But what makes it special and the signature of this coffee shop around the world is the machine. A wooden machine with a white cylinder on which the Arabica logo is imprinted.

I loved the tables made of concrete and wood. Loved the white counter, the grey tiles, the wooden wall, and the staff, a happy smiley staff.

Freshly brewed, the coffee is light, aromatic, and has a layer of floating essence on top. The Americano is black without any bitterness, enjoyable to the last sip. Getting cold, I continued sipping on my coffee while its flavor became more intense, and again without the bitterness, you don’t want to experience.


I'm happy to have tried Cafe Arabica, a Japanese concept on the rise around the Middle East.

Suitable For: Coffee Talk





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