May 08, 2019

“Bassma’s World Family Month Campaign”: YOUR SUPPORT IS NEEDED

One Family a Day during the month of May! Help us Empower destitute Families & cover their housing needs!


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Bassma is a Lebanese non-profit humanitarian organization for Social Development established in Lebanon in 2002 (N.178/AD). Bassma means Smile in Arabic.

OUR VISION: Bassma believes that healthy families are the pillars of a healthy society; every person has the right to live in dignity.

OUR MISSION : Bassma’s mission is to empower the most disadvantaged families. We help them become self-sufficient financially, morally and psychologically through

7 key programs: Food for All / Housing for All / Education for All / Youths & Elderly specialized Programs / Well-Being Programs/ Healthcare for All/ Employment Office.

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WORLD FAMILY MONTH CAMPAIGN 2019: For the fifth consecutive year and on the occasion of the International Day of Family on May 15, BASSMA launches its World Family Month campaign 2019, celebrating our core mission which is to build a stronger and healthier society, and raising awareness on the importance of supporting and empowering destitute families, in order to avoid all kinds of violence, delinquency, prostitution and drug abuse in our society.

The campaign will take place from May 1st to May 31st, in collaboration with UNIC Beirut.

You too can take part in empowering the most destitute families by helping us repair and refurbish their houses!

One Family a Day during the month of May! A total of 50,000 USD to cover their housing needs!


Home Reparations & Refurbishment

Destitute families and abandoned elderly live in rundown houses, at the mercy of the rain, wind, and storms. The bad conditions affect particularly their health whereas they suffer continuously from cold and pneumonia, and other illnesses.

BASSMA works throughout the year to repair, renovate and refurbish the rundown homes of deprived families and elderly people, making sure that they become healthy places to live in.

It includes the following services:

  • Rebuild of the basic infrastructure
  • Reparations and Restorations
  • Painting, cleaning, and pesticides
  • Refurbishments, from carpets and couches to household appliances, and other necessary equipment: Single beds, double and single mattresses, bed sheets, sofas, ovens, closets, fridges, washing machines, televisions, kitchen wares (incl. pressure cookers) and vacuum cleaners.
  • Payment of Rent, Electricity, and Water Bills

The renovation project is an important component of BASSMA's family rehabilitation program since it guarantees security and safety for stable family life.


  • For a 2,000 USD donation, supporters will get 2 “Smile” gold letters bracelets, 35 carats, yellow, pink or white gold.
  • For a 1,000 USD donation, supporters will get 1 “Smile” gold letters bracelet, 35 carats, yellow, pink or white gold.
  • For a 600 USD to 999 USD donation, supporters will get a dinner invitation for 8 persons from well-known restaurants across the city.
  • For a 100 USD to 599 USD donation, supporters will get a dinner invitation for 2 persons from well-known restaurants across the city.
  • For a 50 USD to 99 USD donation, supporters will get a THANK YOU letter.


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