September 14, 2018

BEAUPASSAGE: Paris’s New Destination Dedicated to Art, Gastronomy and Wellness

An enchanted retreat, this unique location brings together art, greenery, gastronomy, and wellness in the heart of the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Led by the Emerige Group and Founder Laurent Dumas, the BEAUPASSAGE project will offer a concentrated sample of exceptional know-how and the very best of French craftsmanship.


Tucked away between the well-known Boulevard Raspail, Rue de Grenelle and Rue du Bac, just a stone’s throw away from Musée Maillol, BEAUPASSAGE is essentially the perfect setting for an idle afternoon stroll. For all those who enjoy ambling through the city, making beautiful discoveries and surprising finds, the roofless passage holds the promise of a peaceful break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Works of art and installations, planted areas, wellness and delicious foods are the essential features of this new location, unlike any other.

The Art of Preserving

Commissioned by Emerige, the talented architect Franklin Azzi – partner at B&B – has imagined a novel architectural approach for the project’s various facades, making it possible to retain the original form of the buildings while developing a more industrial style, closer to that found in cities like London, New York and Brussels. From the Récollettes convent to the old garage and the Hôtel de Nevers, the 10,000-sqm site spans four centuries of diverse construction techniques and styles. The plant installations found all around the passage were designed by landscape architect Michel Desvigne, who pictured a green lung integrating more than sixty tree species, including: scots pines, Japanese maples, shadbushes, Himalayan birches, etc.

A Journey into Excellence Open to All

A new destination for casual airings, BEAUPASSAGE will house a concentrated supply of excellence, featuring exceptional culinary and wellness know-how by prominent chefs, bakers, pâtissiers, butchers and fitness specialists. Driven by their complementary skills and a shared passion for delivering new experiences to the contemporary epicurean, these artisans questioned their offerings to develop new bespoke concepts.

Experiencing Art, Emerige’s Pledge

A vocal advocate for contemporary creation, Emerige will install immersive works by plastic artists and sculptors at each of the passage’s three entrances, giving visitors and passers-by a chance to delve into a world of open-air poetry. Sculptures will also be displayed at the centre of the project.


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