May 21, 2013

Black + Blum's Thermo Pot

You want to take a fancy lunch box to work... Here's a new idea... This Black + Blum's Thermo Pot is an amazingly nice stainless steel flask/container.  They say "hot food warms the soul" and this is the perfect way to take your hot food with you.


This BPA-free container sits within a stainless thermos and vacuum seals to keep soup, oatmeal or other toasty meals hot for up to 5 hours until feeding time.


By London-based Black+Blum, this container is topped by renewable cork. Coupled with the swoop of a magnetic spoon, there's no longer any excuse not to take a healthy hot meal anywhere. Vacuum seal is guaranteed for 10 years by B+B.

Categories: Food Gadgets


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