April 14, 2014

Boil, Steam and Strain Your Vegetables

Dreamfarm’s Vebo Strainer now makes steaming, boiling and straining vegetables the easiest of cooking tasks. Dreamfarm-Vebo-7-Inch-Vegetable-Steam-Strainer Why is cooking vegetables such a pain? All you want to do is create a healthy meal but all you end up doing is creating a mountain of dirty dishes. Not anymore. Vebo will boil, steam and strain your vegetables all in one unit, which is also great for serving straight onto your plates. Vebo is made from heat-resistant silicone so you can lift it straight out of the hot water and leave it on the sink to strain. The unique wall design squashes down to fit any sized pot, keeping the pot lid on tightly to cut steaming and boiling time, and also saving storage space by fitting inside an empty pot when you're not using it. No more worrying about dirtying a heap of bulky steamers, strainers and serving tools just to create one part of your meal - Vebo will boil, steam and strain your vegetables and it's completely dishwasher safe.
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