January 27, 2016 Romania Europe

Burger Van Bucharest: This is not a Burger you Want to Try

When two kids with zero know-how in hospitality and food are given a food truck to manage, this is exactly what happens. Bad service and bad food resulting in a bad experience.


The burger described in a nutshell: A burnt piece of thick meat with cheese and vegetables inside a stale brioche bun with a thick envelope that is unpleasant to it. The burger looks bizarre and not too appetizing. Eat the meat alone and feel the chewy cartilage sliding under your teeth like rubber.

Considered the first food truck in Bucharest and popular for their burger, Burger Van Bucharest is surely not recommended and not a place you want to try.


As for the personnel: Two sad guys push you away with their arrogant attitude. They are not welcoming, they don’t look or talk with the customers and when asked why the meat is burnt, one of them arrogantly answers: "Do you prefer to have it raw?"

Arrogant staff and bad burgers, I wish we didn't pay €4 for this sandwich.

Burger Van

Categories: Street Food


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