January 08, 2015

Butter Mill: Remove, Twist and Grate Your Butter

Don't you just hate trying to slice and then spread refrigerated, or even frozen, butter? It's not a pretty sight to behold, but thanks to this nifty gadget from Japan, you simply put the entire stick of butter inside and grind away.


Remove the patented Cooks Innovations Butter Mil, from the same makers of SpreadThat, straight from the fridge to effortlessly butter your bread, biscuits, muffins, corn on the cob, vegetables and more.

Simply refrigerate the butter mill butter dispenser, then remove and twist to grate cold butter into a soft spread. The handy Cooks Innovations Butter Mill keeps hard butter from tearing up your bread, bagels and toast. Stainless steel and durable BPA-free thermoplastic dispenser compactly stores in the fridge for use after use. Tight fitting lid helps preserve the chilled butter. Dishwasher safe.

Categories: Food Gadgets


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