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Cafe des Cèdres: A Must Visit in the Cedars

The first thing you have to do when you reach the Cedars is go and meet Joseph and Nathalie. Who are they? Joseph Kahya and his wife Nathalie can be found in the shop under the big tree facing the Cedars of God forest. The place welcomes you from early morning until late night, offering a large selection of homemade food, all prepared to perfection. 

In here, expect to eat what Joseph and Nathalie give their kids.

A dining space filled with wooden chairs and tables, a chimney heating up the restaurant, a warm ambiance, Christian posters, a beautiful view and some great food. 

Touring around the cedars, someone recommended we pass by Zouzou w Nathalie for an early breakfast, one that I'll remember for a long time. Now that the ski season is on, theirs is a place you just have to visit.


I asked Joseph to serve me "3a Zaw2ak", the dishes he wanted me to try, and I'm happy I did so.

All the food is exceptional:

Grilled halloumi cheese comes in a clay pot, grilled to perfection and toasted in a pot of butter. Awesome! The eggs with Awarma are like nothing you've previously had and the smell of the cedars rolls out from them. Sunny side up, as simple as that, they are breathtaking. Labneh: yum, straight from the village, along with fresh goats cheese from the valley. With that, a plate of fresh vegetables... That's guaranteed enjoyment.


I think the video says it all. Watch it, check the photo gallery and call Joseph to reserve for your next meal.

Call Joseph on +961 3 522962

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