April 16, 2020

Cashewram Healthy Cookies; Cashews, Corn, Grape Molasses & Honey: "L' Aromes Delights" How It’s Made

It all started in the ordinary kitchen of a typical Lebanese house, up on the mountainside. As a family who loves sweets yet has a history of diabetes, we had to replace certain ingredients (mainly sugar and regular flour) with healthier options, simply so we could satisfy our sweet tooth without the undesirable effects.

We made traditional Lebanese sweets in an innovative healthy manner and began serious experimentation to maintain the great taste and push the ingredients to a healthier level. Soon enough our treats became popular, and new and improved recipes found their way into our kitchen's oven. With the growing demand for healthy cookies and delights, L’arôme came into existence, to continue with our homemade sweets and pastries at a larger capacity. We now operate a 1000m2 factory at ISO standards and serve the local market as well as export our products to the GCC and France.


Bon Choix Biscuits Deir Koucheh, Lebanon+961 3 899 054




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