February 25, 2012 Dubai UAE GCC Middle East

Cavalli Club Restaurant, Dubai
Non-smokers friendly
Fine Dining


Welcoming: 5/5

Food Temperature: 9/10

Ambiance / Music: 9/10

Menu Choice: 5/5

Food Taste: 27/30

Architecture / Interior: 9/10

Food presentation: 9/10

Service: 9/10

Value for money: 6/10

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The Decoration, the Food, the Experience: A delightful package …

You must have heard about the exquisite clubbing experience at Cavalli Club in Dubai, where clubbers go for a good time, after-hours parties, or simply have a drink at the bar and enjoy a good ambiance. But there’s a part of Cavalli Club that’s often ignored – and that’s the dinning experience of one of Dubai’s famous and most luxurious designer’s outlet. On the top floor of Cavalli Club is an Italian restaurant offering an exquisite menu using the finest Italian ingredients, and a sushi bar where guests can recline on sofas in front of low tables. All is made from best ingredients from around the word, prepared with passion and love.

The menu includes a wide variety of Italian cuisine with a wide selection of international choices. What grabbed my attention is the non Convenzionale Caviale (non traditional caviar) – well chosen word to describe.? Parallel to the restaurant is a lounge bar that offers a chic and trendy environment for those wanting to try some exotic light food including wonderfully decadent caviar. In this area, guests can listen to hypnotic rhythms mixed by the best international DJs. Cavalli’s caviar, champagne, oyster and vodka menu alongside the antipasto and primo selection offers a rich choice of delicious platters to entertain any taste pallet.?I personally love details and fortunately, detail is a key characteristic at the Cavalli Club. The Cavalli signature is everywhere; on the plates, the cups … everything is branded. The decorated bread basket, mix of oil and balsamic vinegar served with attention and perfection, the heated plates and much more I might have skipped as I was enchanted by the moment. The interior decoration is very appealing with its high ceiling roof and eccentric architecture, a colorful atmosphere and more. The calm lounge music in the background allows to actually having a conversation without shouting. Don’t worry this genre of music changes at 11:30pm to put guests in the dancing extravaganza state of mind people are used to at Cavalli. The place gives a sense of partitioning without being partitioned; you feel that you’re alone yet within the overall crowd. Everyone smiles at you; everyone wants you to be happy and relaxed: what a pleasant experience!

Ready to order, we asked for starters the Carpaccio of octopus with purple potato, asparagus and tomato concassé and the Foie gras terrine with confit and smoked duck – compressed pear and pine nuts. From the soup section we ordered the Boston lobster and potato chowder garnished with lobster meat and gnocchetti. Although it looked tasty, I preferred to go straight for the main dish and I ordered two of them. The Grilled Boston lobster with spring vegetables, Italian black “Venere” rice and the Ravioli stuffed with veal “ossobuco” and Burrata cheese, tossed with tomato flavored sauce. Before our order arrived, we were served with chicken mousse that comes with mushrooms and pistachios on top. In my opinion, a restaurant that offers the daily entree before serving the appetizers is entitled to a Michelin star nomination. But I felt that the taste could have been better.

When the platters arrived I was impressed by the how well presented and well decorated the plates were. You can get full by just admiring the work and the colors on the plates. The taste is sharp, activating all your taste buds. The powdered roasted bread on the Foie Gras gives it a plus I never felt before. The compressed pears are “yum”! Bravo. Risotto is served under a cloche, what a special way, reminding us of the professionalism and class of the French cuisine. The ravioli came in two huge pieces: Wow, really wow. Very tasty. The admired details were following us during all the dinner. The way the waiter presented the fork and knife and changes them after every course is also unique and studied. We also ordered one of the specialties from the grill: Aged Angus tenderloin medallions, onion torte and confit cherry tomatoes with a side order of baby potatoes and herbs. Two rounded and thick pieces of meat with pepper sauce on the side order added upon demand. Taste: utterly amazing. It’s definitely a prime chosen meat. The onion tart juicy with a caramelized spell. To add more to the luxury feeling, we had the Trebbiano Chardonnay, 2009 Moncaro Wine. No one should miss on having the desert at Cavalli Club. With a detailed choice of 12 different deserts, it’s hard to resist. I had to pick so I chose the Sfogliatina al Misto Bosco (Summer berries and vanilla mille fuille, Caramel ice-cream) and Tortino di Pere e Cioccolato (Bitter chocolate torte, Rosemary pear, cinnamon ice-cream).

Amazing place, great food, extravaganza experience.


Suitable For: Fine Dining





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