October 01, 2017

Celebrate International Coffee Day on October 1st

People’s undying love for coffee is leading to a worldwide shortage of supplies. While consumption is starting at an earlier age, adults are increasing their daily intake on a faster-than-ever pace, sparking a supply drop… Drink coffee before it's too late! Celebrate International Coffee Day! #InternationalCoffeeDay
Starting on Friday, 29 September, and culminating on Sunday, 1 October 2017, the 77 Member States of the International Coffee Organization (ICO) and dozens of coffee associations from around the globe will come together to celebrate the third annual International Coffee Day. International Coffee Day is a global celebration of coffee’s journey from the farm to your local shop— an opportunity to honour the men and women who grow and harvest the coffee we love.

Ideas for activities... Use your imagination and have fun creating events and activities dedicated to the world’s favourite drink. Here are a few ideas to get you started on planning your event or campaign to run on ICD 2017 weekend:

  • Host a coffee cupping in your home, office, or local coffee shop
  • Run a promotion or discount offer in your coffee shop
  • Make a video about your love for coffee to upload to social media using the hashtag #InternationalCoffeeDay
  • Host a lecture with your local coffee expert
  • Run an art competition with coffee as the theme and hold an exhibition to display all the entries (photos, poems, short stories, paintings, any medium)
  • Host a coffee workshop or masterclass – perhaps an introduction to brewing techniques or roasting
  • Organise a visit to a coffee farm and/or washing station to get the general public interested in growing coffee
  • Start a fundraising campaign to benefit development programmes in a coffee-growing region
  • Have a screening of a coffee-related film

So, how are you celebrating #InternationalCoffeeDay?





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